Peter Bretton

Senior Director of Customer and Product Marketing
Peter Bretton is the Senior Director of Customer and Product Marketing at NinjaOne. He is focused on bringing product innovations and new solutions to NinjaOne partners to solve customer pain and drive value. He is passionate about educating customers on how to squeeze the most value out of the NinjaOne platform.

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Whether you have standard bloatware you remove from end-user machines during onboarding, you want to blacklist applications due to security concerns, or you just need to uninstall an application remotely […]

2022 was an amazing year for NinjaOne and our partners. This year alone, we released three new products to general availability and delivered over 400 product enhancements and new features […]

Endpoint monitoring and alerting is a central part of IT management. Good monitoring and alerting practices enable you to proactively identify issues, resolve them faster, and save you and your […]

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