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How simplicity can hide a myriad of high-quality features

With Olivier, CTO at Alticap

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Simplicity does not always mean poor quality. At first glance, something very simple might be misinterpreted as being of little value or technically insufficient, especially in the IT world, where the complexity of certain aspects reaches extremely high levels.

A similar idea crossed the mind of Olivier, the CTO of Alticap, when he discovered the NinjaOne platform for the first time. «Compared to SolarWinds, whose platform exposes a ‘reassuring’ quantity of information items (over 100), Ninja only had a simple list of information items and a small graphic. My first thought was that I could never do the same things as I did before, with so little.»

After an initial test using NinjaOne, Olivier pulled out his words.

Alticap has a strong presence in France. Starting as a small IT company about 15 years ago, going through a hosting company phase that has evolved to date, by achieving a leading role, as an MSP, managing and monitoring the computer systems of thousands of SMEs throughout France. For years, Alticap used Solarwinds, whose relationship deteriorated as Olivier and his team felt a little let down over time. In addition, the product no longer met their growing needs.

As a matter of fact, NinjaOne capitalizes a lot on its ease of use, its intuitiveness and, let us say it, «the simplicity» of its interface, which presents all the necessary items of information, but groups them together in a clear and understandable way to make life easier for its users.

As Olivier describes it, «The SolarWinds product seemed to have stopped evolving. It was no longer providing any new features and was no longer meeting our needs and expectations. It was then that we looked for another solution and discovered NinjaOne (which was at the time still little known in France).»

«We wanted to evolve our offering of services, however with our previous supplier this was not possible.» «We wanted a more flexible and more complete product with a good dynamic approach to its customers»

«It turns out that NinjaOne’s famous simplicity was the factor that made us decide to change our supplier. It was only after having explored the product more in depth that we realized that, unlike SolarWinds, where each action took a lot of time, with NinjaOne this was not the case. The screen I was looking for opened with a single click. We were intrigued by it. It appeared to be simple, modern, super responsive and of high quality.» We needed a product like that.»

When considering different options, always look for an RMM provider that listens to your needs and with whom you can grow together.

It is clear that when looking for RMM software, various options are being considered and the «usual names» (Comodo, Datto, Atera etc.) are being explored, but as Olivier explains, «Alticap needed a product with new features, that would allow us to «migrate» with the least amount of risk for our customers (pressing the wrong button can have devastating consequences for thousands of them) and that it is financially acceptable. Furthermore, when looking for a new RMM to grow with, the importance of having someone with strong listening skills is fundamental and this is what Olivier found in NinjaOne’s administrators, engineers and technicians. Obviously in the beginning you face challenges, but from the start I had direct access to the resources and people who supported me in the discovery and adaptation phase of the product, through database injections and quality of the back office. I was listened to and clearly supported, with the idea that Alticap is not just a customer, but rather a partner who can bring something positive through our approach to the product and to our customers.

Despite the fact that we had to allocate some of our technicians entirely to this transition, we found NinjaOne to be the ideal partner, making it possible to easily migrate to the new platform and to start thinking about the financial gains that this would bring us in the ten coming years. We didn’t waste a single second!

During the migration process, as soon as the script was in place, I deployed 5,000 devices in less than a week. It was a collaborative effort between my team and NinjaOne. They carried out all the preparation and made GBs of data available, so that all these devices were deployed in just a few clicks.»

Whether you have 50 or 5,000 terminals, NinjaOne makes it possible for you to automate patch management tasks with a granular level of control over when and how patches are applied to terminals, dramatically reducing the possibility of potential errors.» Actually, as Olivier mentions, the rate of severe incidents has very significantly dropped, due to the continuous improvement mechanism that NinjaOne commits to with its partners. For example, if we detect an incident, a failure, a faulty patch… at a customer’s site, with Ninja (patch management), in one click I can interact with my entire IT infrastructure, in a very simple way. This was not possible with our previous solution. I used to have to adjust on a case-by-case basis, but now I have a much better view of what is happening on my workstations and I know that they are updated according to my last parameters and that they are under my complete supervision. This makes things much simpler.

The last key benefit that Alticap has gained from its collaboration with NinjaOne is a significant reduction production costs, which Olivier has been able to integrate into a greater number of contracts. Therefore, expanding the percentage of its clients to whom Alticap offers monitoring services has increased the number of satisfied clients, because they are better supervised.

“Simplicity” was the key word.

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