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Protect against ransomware with flexible and seamless backup management

Recover from ransomware

Establish a last line of defense with immutable cloud backups that are protected from encryption and corruption by ransomware, allowing for easy and painless restoration.

Protect your remote endpoint data

NinjaOne delivers flexible and customizable backup plans that are designed to fit any business need.

Manage backups, alerts, and remediations seamlessly

NinjaOne Backup is built seamlessly into and fully managed through the NinjaOne Endpoint Management dashboard, allowing for quick remediation and proactive alerts if something goes wrong.

Feature-packed data protection designed for remote endpoint backups

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Cloud-only, Local, and Hybrid Storage

With pooled cloud storage included, you can choose to store backups locally on network-attached storage, in the cloud, or both, and assign storage types by organization, policies, or devices.

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Chainless and Forever Incremental Image Backups

Minimize storage, network, and device resource utilization, reducing costs and impact on end users.

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Several Secure Restore Options

Utilize web-based file restores, bare metal restores, and active endpoint image restores while knowing your data is protected with revokable authorization keys, safeguarded by MFA, and is SOC-2 compliant.

Self service restore icon

Self-Service File Restore

Give end-users the ability to restore their own files directly from their web browser, allowing your technicians to focus on more complex requests.

Alerting Icon

Prioritize critical information gathering with mandatory statuses and get a bird’s eye view of organizations that have outstanding documentation requirements from your dashboard.

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Windows, Mac, and Server Backups

NinjaOne Backup provides the ability to store your data locally or offsite in the cloud and can backup both Windows and Mac workloads.
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File & Folder and Image

Rapidly back up or restore files and full folders remotely or perform full image backups with intelligent image deduplication to protect your critical data.

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Remediate backups and other device issues easily using NinjaOne’s built-in remote terminal, registry editor, and remote access tools. Learn More

NinjaOne Backup is rated #1 overall in PC backup and #1 in momentum for online backup in G2’s spring 2024 research report.

NinjaOne PC Backup ranked #1 product direction

“NinjaOne and NinjaOne backup saved our business. We were able to restore our entire computer network in 4 days [after a ransomware attack].”

Raffi Kajberouni
President & General Manager

NinjaOne PC Backup ranked #1 in ease of doing business with

“NinjaOne’s backup policies give us a ton of control over what we backup, what we exclude, how much bandwidth we use, and how long we keep data which helps us balance our data protection needs with storage costs.”

Chris Porosku

G2 Endpoint Management Leader Spring 24
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G2 Grid Report for PC Backup - Spring 2024

NinjaOne PC Backup ranked #1 in quality of support

“Once NinjaOne is setup, there is no worry as to whether it is doing the job. Their customer support is by far one of the best aspects of their software. When I have questions or an issue and need help, the return contact is very fast, friendly, and helpful. So far,we have restored about three laptops, [NinjaOne Backup] did a great job.”

Patty Taylor
IT Business Systems Analyst

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Adaptable backup and ransomware recovery

Flexibility Above All

Balance data retention against storage utilization, access against RTO, and peace of mind against cost with data protection available for all your Mac and Windows Endpoints.

Versatile Backups

NinjaOne provides the following data protection options:

  • Immutable cloud backups
  • Windows and MacOS backup
  • Full image backup
  • Document, file and folder backup
  • Cloud-only, local-only, and hybrid options

...and Recovery

NinjaOne also equips your team with the following recovery options:
  • End-user self-service file restore
  • Fast and easy file restore
  • Bare metal restore

Move beyond Backup to Unified IT Management

Endpoint Management

Get market-leading endpoint visibility and control in an easy-to-use platform that drives technician efficiency.



Improve ticket resolution times and service delivery outcomes with context-rich automated IT ticketing.



Easily and securely document credentials, procedures, and environmental details.


Endpoint Security

Ninja gives you complete control over end-user devices, enabling you to set the foundation for endpoint security.


Explore Other Features

Backup for MSPs

Simplify the backup of your critical business data with a solution designed to solve the challenges MSPs often face.

Remote Server Backup

NinjaOne’s server backup provides an easy-to-use, fast, solution that shields your important data from loss.

Mac Backup

NinjaOne includes flexible, cloud-first Windows and Mac backup software for MSPs and small businesses.

Backup for Healthcare

Simplify the backup of your critical healthcare data with a solution built for healthcare organizations.

System Restore

A system restore solution that provides flexible recovery options to ensure your data is secure, easily recovered, and always available.

Cloud Backup

Monitor, manage, and backup your endpoints with a set-and-forget solution offering fast data transfers and complete flexibility.

Windows Server Backup

Protecting your Windows Servers is mission-critical. NinjaOne offers flexible backup and fast recovery for everything from individual files to full systems.

Image Backup

Avoid the hassle of complex setups with a backup solution designed for effortless server protection and rapid restores.

File & Folder Backup

File & Folder Backup is designed to ensure any files created by your users are securely saved faster than ever before.  

Ninja Data Protection vs. Cloud Storage Solutions

Protect data stored on end-user devices and servers with a solution built to defend against ransomware, unlike your average cloud storage solutions.

Backup Software FAQs

Ninja Data Protection automatically backs up all your files online. When changes are made to a file, Ninja detects that change and backs up the changed file.

With Ninja Data Protection all data is encrypted in-motion and at-rest via secure AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption. Ninja’s security practices adhere to and exceed the strictest standards for data protection compliance practices.

Cloud-based backup can cause challenges in environments with low bandwidth availability or with fast RTO requirements due to potentially large file size transfers, particularly during initial backup or full system restore.

A full data backup is the process of creating one or more copies of all organizational data in one backup operation. A full backup is always required when a new endpoint is first backed up.

Typically people in the industry refer to it as “backup.” We typically throw our car in reverse when we want to “back up.”

Ninja backup enables you to automate your backup plans, customize backups by devices, and restore files from the same screens. Customize backup plans to meet your data protection needs through schedules, file type and location filters, user permissions, network throttling, and revision management. With Ninja Data Protection, backup planning is easy and intuitive!

With Ninja Data Protection you can automate your backup plans, customize backup modalities by device and restore files from the same screens. Filter backup plans by schedule or file type, user permissions, network throttling, and audit management to fit your unique business data protection needs. With Ninja Data Protection you can plan your backups easily and intuitively!

NinjaOne’s backup offers fully customizable file/folder or image backup plans, multiple restore options, remediation tools, proactive alerting, ransomware disaster recovery, and more for all your endpoints. NinjaOne’s Data backup tool is the best choice for businesses that want to view backup data and ensure that all information is protected from a centralized management platform that’s easy to navigate. Partner with NinjaOne to meet all your data backup, ROI, and RTO goals. Take a look at the testimonials page to find why Ninja clients love NinjaOne’s backup solution.

NinjaOne’s backup software is the top solution for businesses or MSPs who want to conduct Windows, Mac, and server backups, balance data protection and storage requirements with customizable file/folder or image backups, and unify IT management with backup from a single, centralized platform. With NinjaOne, IT teams and MSPs use Ninja’s incremental, block-level backup, single pane of glass management, and reliable restore options to safeguard critical data for cloud-only, local, or hybrid environments. Add NinjaOne to your stack of backup tools to create a stronger, more effective data backup and recovery solution.

NinjaOne offers flexible, pay-per-device pricing for Ninja backup. With customizable monthly payment plans, Ninja ensures that you only pay for the IT tools you need for your team. To receive a custom quote for your backup solution, visit the pricing page or reach out today. Start protecting your data now by partnering with NinjaOne.

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