Remote Server Backup Software: Don’t make protecting your data complicated

Backing up your servers and getting a copy of the data off-site is the single most important action you can take for data protection. NinjaOne’s remote server backup software provides an easy-to-use, fast, solution that shields your data from loss.

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Why NinjaOne's Remote Server Backup Software?

Painless Backup Automation

An ideal solution is one that allows you to automatically back up your server data, without the constant need to ensure everything is working smoothly. NinjaOne’s server backup is that solution. With fully automated backup for Windows servers and built-in notifications and alerting, NinjaOne will inform you if something goes wrong so you can fix it quickly. The only time your attention is needed is when a restore is required.

Rapid Restore Times

Reach your RTO goals by significantly reducing the time it takes to restore your Windows servers. Regardless of your restore source – local storage or the cloud – get back to work faster with fewer delays and have the confidence that NinjaOne will deliver what you need.

Monitoring and Management at Your Fingertips

If Windows server backup wasn’t enough, NinjaOne also provides full server monitoring and remote management. All within a single pane of glass view, you can…


The Brass Tacks of NinjaOne Remote Server Backup

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Full-Image Backup

In order to provide complete protection and ensure a bare metal restore in the event of a disaster, NinjaOne backs up not only your critical business data, but also applications, system files, and system state. After a full backup, we use incremental, block level backup and compression to minimize storage utilization. And if you need to reduce storage costs, NinjaOne also has file-only backups available.

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Flexible Storage Options

No two businesses are the same, so NinjaOne server backup provides several options to store your most important data. With cloud-only, local-only, or hybrid storage options you no longer need to worry about your server’s location, network connection, or domain status. Sleep soundly knowing your data is being stored quickly, conveniently, and securely.

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Application Aware

NinjaOne’s backup capabilities don’t just stop at full backups. NinjaOne Backup Management leverages incremental block-level backup that focuses on identifying individual file changes and backing up only the portion of those files that have changed. NinjaOne enables fast and easy file restore, full partition restore, and bare metal restore directly from the cloud or a local backup appliance.

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Disaster Recovery

Whether it’s a natural disaster or a ransomware attack, you need a solution that is ready for the unexpected. NinjaOne server backup allows you to restore files either locally or in the cloud, quickly, so you can minimize downtime. Secure cloud-based archives provide an additional layer of protection to prevent corrupted or deleted local backups from affecting your business.

Why Our Customers Trust NinjaOne Remote Server Backup

“Ninja backup is a ‘set and forget’ solution. From planning to deployment, we found Ninja backup to be easier and more intuitive than our previous solution. With just a few clicks we can rely on Ninja to protect client data without spending hours per day babysitting the solution.”

“The way cloud-backup is integrated seamlessly with the platform is just great! With real-time device activity we can take care of alerts before they become problems.”

NinjaOne and Backup Management: The Perfect Pair

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NinjaOne simplifies IT operations, enabling overburdened IT teams to efficiently manage their entire IT portfolio and support end users from anywhere.

NinjaOne Backup gives those same IT teams the tools to effectively oversee and protect their data, easing the burden and stress of critical data backups, all while saving time and money.

By combining both backup management and everything else NinjaOne has to offer – such as endpoint monitoring, documentation, remote management and more – NinjaOne provides you with a one-stop shop for all your IT solution needs.


Remote server backup is the process of copying and storing data from remote servers. By backing up remote servers, IT teams can prevent data loss, corruption, or destruction. Storing data solely on-premise presents many risks and costs, which is why many organizations choose remote servers. All you need to ensure that remote server data remains safe and protected is a server backup solution, such as NinjaOne.

NinjaOne’s remote server backup works by using a NinjaOne agent that’s placed on the server. After the agent is in place, IT professionals can schedule, automate, manage, and monitor server backups within the NinjaOne tool. Whenever IT teams need backed-up files, they can implement their disaster recovery plan and restore data using NinjaOne’s disaster recovery feature. The disaster recovery tool allows users to quickly restore files locally or in the cloud so that they can minimize downtime and access their data from any location.

NinjaOne’s server backup conducts full-image backups so that IT professionals can back up business data, applications, system files, and system state. To minimize storage utilization, NinjaOne conducts incremental, block-level backups after full backups. For organizations that want to reduce storage even more, NinjaOne also offers file-only backups for servers. Try all of NinjaOne’s server backup methods today with a free trial.

The amount of server backups you schedule will vary depending on how often you add or change data. If you make changes to server data regularly, then it’s recommended to back up servers daily or every 48 hours. If you do not modify your data regularly, then you should schedule backups at least once per week. Again, these numbers vary depending on your organization’s specific needs and requirements, but it’s best to back up data regularly so that your data is protected at all times.

The restore time for your data will depend on the amount of data that you need to restore; however, rest assured that with NinjaOne as your backup solution, you will be able to recover data quickly and meet all your RTO goals. NinjaOne offers rapid restore times for data regardless of whether it’s stored locally or in the cloud. There are many restore options that NinjaOne provides so that you can choose the method that’s the fastest and most effective for your situation.

NinjaOne’s server backup is a scalable solution that grows with your business. With NinjaOne, you can customize your plan and the amount of storage space you require at any time. NinjaOne offers the flexible backup plans you need to ensure that important data always remains safe. As your business grows to new heights, you can count on NinjaOne and all its features to support your IT teams every step of the way.

Other than the NinjaOne agent and tool, you do not need any special equipment or software to use the remote server backup service. NinjaOne was designed with IT efficiency in mind and enables users to access all tools and features from a single pane of glass; this allows IT teams to save time and ensures that they will never need to switch between tools and screens again. Simplify your server backup processes by choosing NinjaOne as your server backup provider.

Every server backup process and tool on the market will slow down a server and affect its performance. This is the reason why one of the server backup best practices is to schedule backups during off-peak hours. This ensures that teams within your organization are not greatly affected or hindered by the backup process. To ensure that your server backups are as quick and easy as possible, it’s best to partner with a reliable and efficient server backup provider, such as NinjaOne.

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