Cloud-first backup for servers and PCs

Monitor, manage, and backup your endpoints with a set-and-forget solution offering fast data transfers, multiple recovery methods, and complete flexibility.

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Cloud-first backup and recovery for any scenario

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Direct-to-cloud backup

NinjaOne is a cloud-first backup solution, natively enabling fast direct-to-cloud backup for internet-connected Windows or Mac endpoints. Data is stored redundantly in the cloud, ensuring you have multiple copies spread across data centers.

Local-only backup

NinjaOne enables local-only backup to network-attached storage for faster restore times or low-bandwidth, storage cost-sensitive scenarios.

Hybrid backup

Following the 3-2-1 backup strategy, NinjaOne enables you to backup both locally and to the cloud. On-restore, NinjaOne will pull from local backup for faster restores or default to the cloud if local storage is not available.

"We use Ninja Data Protection to protect our clients’ critical business data. From planning to deployment, we found Ninja backup to be easier and more intuitive than our previous solution. Ninja backup is a ‘set and forget’ solution – with just a few clicks we can rely on Ninja to protect client data without spending hours per day babysitting the solution."

"Ninja Data Protection has provided our technicians with an intuitive backup solution that allows them to focus more on supporting our clients and less on unreliable and disjointed backup systems."

Flexible, storage-saving cloud backup

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Smaller backups

After the initial backup, NinjaOne tracks and backs up only the incremental, block-level changes on a disk (rather than whole files), making backups faster and using less storage.

Complete flexibility

Unlike many solutions in the market, NinjaOne gives you complete control over what you backup, when you back up, what you include / exclude, and how long you retain the data.

Set and forget

With NinjaOne, you’ll always know the state of your backups. Our integrated storage and endpoint monitoring ensure you’re alerted if there is a problem with your endpoints or backups so you can remediate right away.

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Fast, secure recovery

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Bare-metal restore

Quickly download a full image backup from the cloud or point to a local backup and restore to bare metal using the Image Restore Manager.

File-level restore

Restore individual files and folders directly to the original endpoint or to any other NinjaOne-managed endpoint. One-click restores make it fast and easy to get data back to end-users.

End-user self-service restore

Help end-users help themselves by giving them the ability to restore their own files from our self-service portal.
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