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Single-Pane Data Backup Built for Healthcare

Protect your critical healthcare data with flexible solutions designed for shared and distributed endpoints that easily meet your data protection, cost, and RTO objectives.

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600+ Healthcare organizations manage 400,000+ endpoints with NinjaOne

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Protect Critical Healthcare & Patient Data with Flexible and Seamless Backup Management

Sleek Single-Pane Management

NinjaOne Backup is seamlessly managed through the NinjaOne endpoint management dashboard so you can manage endpoints and ensure their security in one console.

Flexible and Hybrid Backup Plans

NinjaOne delivers cloud-based, hybrid, and customizable backup plans to fit any healthcare organization’s environment with immediate alerting should action be needed.

Layers of Data Protection

Safeguard your patient health information with backups that are HIPAA compliant, encrypted in transit and at rest in the cloud and locally, and requires re-authentication and confirmation to delete previous backup files.

Feature-Packed Healthcare Data Backup Designed for Distributed Endpoint Backups

Get a Birds-Eye View of Your Backup Status

With a single-pane-of-glass view, see the state of all your backups across your environment and know which need immediate attention.

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Several Secure Restore Options

Utilize web-based file restores, bare metal restores, and active endpoint image restores and know your data is protected with revokable authorization keys, safeguarded by MFA, and is HIPAA and SOC-2 compliant.

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Cloud-only, Local, and Hybrid Storage

Pooled cloud storage is included, so you can choose to store backups locally on network-attached storage, in the cloud, or both, and assign storage types by organization, policies, or devices.

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Incremental Block-Level Backup

Minimize storage, network, and device resource utilization, reducing costs and impact on end-users.

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Self-Service File Restore

Give end-users the ability to restore their own files directly from their web browser, allowing your technicians to focus on more complex requests.

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Cloud-Mounted Restores

Enhance restore efficiency by quickly mounting incremental image backups from a specific date and time giving you granular access to specific files.

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How NinjaOne helps healthcare IT teams

Protect IT Assets and PHI

Patient health information and healthcare assets are top targets for bad actors. IT leaders are responsible for minimizing vulnerabilities and ensuring data is protection.

NinjaOne automates patch management across endpoints and provides tools that help you reduce vulnerabilities, harden endpoints, backup and restore critical business data, and protect against advanced threats.

Improve IT support and service delivery

From small primary care practices to massive healthcare systems, IT teams often run incredibly lean – sometimes managing thousands of endpoints per technician.

NinjaOne is built to enable under resourced teams to manage endpoints at scale by automating critical activities such as monitoring, patching, backup, and security. For activities that cannot be automated, NinjaOne gives a suite of tools for more efficient remote management.

Manage centrally and at scale

Healthcare is a highly distributed industry, with employees and IT assets spread across offices, buildings, and even campuses.

NinjaOne enables IT teams to manage hospital networks, clinical devices, servers, and administrative workstations centrally from a single-pane-of-glass. You won’t need technicians on each campus or moving between buildings to keep your infrastructure running and staff supported.

Reduce cost and complexity

Every year, healthcare organizations rely more heavily on technology to enable care and both clinicians and administrators expect an ever-increasing number of IT services to be delivered to them in a cost-effective and efficient way.

NinjaOne replaces many of the point solutions used by healthcare IT teams to deliver infrastructure management and support services, leading to lower software license costs, reduced solution complexity, and a smaller attack surface.

5-star Rated by IT Pros

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