Defend Against Data Loss with File & Folder Backup

Gone are the days of worrying about losing your data with a backup solution designed to ensure any files created by your users are securely saved faster than ever before.

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Why File & Folder Backup?

Rapid Restore Speeds

NinjaOne’s file and folder backups are built for restoration in case a file is accidently deleted or becomes corrupted and optimized to allow for rapid restoration of individuals files or full folders remotely.

Flexible Restoration

Image backups have their benefits, however, utilizing this type to restore a piece of hardware that is essentially rendered useless can be challenging. With NinjaOne, you can have peace of mind knowing that utilizing file and folder backups to restore a dissimilar piece of hardware will be easy and quicker than ever before.

Save on Storage Costs

As businesses expand, data storage costs can explode exponentially. Utilizing file and folder backups for machines that don’t truly need full image backups can help to reduce costs and provide data protection more efficiently.

Key Features

Storage Options to Fit Your Needs


NinjaOne provides multiple storage options to business to meet diverse data protection and restoration requirements. As file and folder backups are generally used for devices without a lot of data, cloud-only is ideal, however, we also offer local-only or hybrid storage options. Sleep soundly knowing your data can be restored at a moment’s notice in case of an emergency.

Compression and Deduplication


No longer worry about taking up too much storage space when performing backups. NinjaOne’s file and folder backup will compress data down to its most important information and remove entire repeat files to get rid of unnecessary duplicates, saving you storage space and money.

Built-in Automation


We make it easy to manage backups with our ‘set-and-forget’ solution. Just set and assign your file and folder backup plans to your devices and NinjaOne will handle the rest. Quickly restore files and folder directly from the web console and gain full visibility into your backups right from the NinjaOne Dashboard.

End-User Self-Service File Restore


Gone are the days of tending to every employee’s restore needs right when they need it done. Give your trusted employees the tools to perform their own self-service file and folder restores whenever they need it done with the push of a button.

What Our Customers Think

“NinjaOne Backup is a ‘set and forget’ solution. From planning to deployment, we found NinjaOne Backup to be easier and more intuitive than our previous solution. With just a few clicks we can rely on Ninja to protect client data without spending hours per day babysitting the solution.”

“Having NinjaOne Backup being built from the ground up and fully integrated into the Ninja platform is a huge benefit. NinjaOne Backup has provided our technicians with an intuitive backup solution that allows them to focus more on supporting our clients and less on unreliable and disjointed backup systems.”

NinjaOne and System Restore: The Perfect Pair

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NinjaOne simplifies IT operations, enabling overburdened IT teams to efficiently manage their entire IT portfolio and support end users from anywhere.

NinjaOne Backup gives those same IT teams the tools to effectively oversee and protect their data, easing the burden and stress of critical data backups, all while saving time and money.

By combining both backup management and everything else NinjaOne has to offer – such as endpoint monitoring, documentation, remote management and more – NinjaOne provides you with a one-stop shop for all your IT solution needs.


File and folder backup is used to protect critical business data by backing up individual files. This type of backup protects files generated directly, or indirectly, by the user, instead of system-related files or other executables. It is most often used for backing up individual laptops or workstations, where complex configurations or device customization aren’t required, and the most valuable data on the device consists of files. File and folder backup is used when a more focused scope is needed for backup.

File backup and image backup are both used to back up critical business data, but they vary in how they back up the data, the amount of storage required, and their use case. File backups allow you to select individual files and folders to include in a backup instance, and are used for more focused backups of data.

Image backups take a snapshot of an entire system, including all data, files and applications, configurations, and the operating system. Image backups require much more storage space than file backups.

NinjaOne’s file and folder backup has multiple features so you can customize file backup to fit your organization’s needs. Since file and folder backups are used to back up small amounts of data, cloud storage is typically the preferred backup location, though local and hybrid backup options are available.

Ninja uses compression and deduplication to reduce files down to the most important information and remove duplicates, helping you maximize your storage space. Built-in automation also simplifies the file backup process and reduces manual intervention.

File backups can be stored in different locations, depending on your business’s backup strategy.  Ninja Backup uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store backup data in the cloud, including file backups.

Options are also available to store backups locally on network-attached storage, or you can choose a hybrid strategy and use both cloud and local storage. Additionally, you can assign storage types by organization, policies, or devices.

File and folder backup enables a fast recovery with a quick restore speed. If a laptop is stolen or otherwise corrupted, file backup also provides restoration flexibility since you can restore the data on a new device with different hardware.

The minimal storage requirements of file and folder backup, coupled with a direct-to-cloud backup method, allow for even greater mobility and support a hybrid or remote workforce. Backing up individual files also costs a lot less than other backup methods.

File and folder backup protects against the accidental deletion, damage, or loss of data contained in individual files. When data loss occurs at the file level, file backups can be restored to the affected device. File and folder backups are conducive to a rapid restoration of data so users can quickly resume their tasks and prevent the discontinuation of business operations. File backups are also performed remotely, so travel time to a physical device is never an issue.

NinjaOne’s file and folder backup is priced per endpoint, with storage priced separately. Personalized pricing is provided based on customer needs. Contact NinjaOne to receive a custom quote today. You can also sign up for a free trial or watch a demo to see NinjaOne backup in action.

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