NinjaOne Backup vs. Cloud Storage Solutions

Protect data stored on end-user devices and servers wherever they are with a robust solution built to defend against ransomware, unlike your average cloud storage solutions.
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Why Choose a Backup Solution Over a Cloud Storage Solution?

File and System Recovery

Cloud Storage

The main purpose of cloud storage solutions is to store files, photos, and videos in one centralized location in the cloud. If a recovery is needed, this data will have to be accessed one by one and downloaded onto a new device. If files aren’t updated within the cloud, this could lead to older versions that may no longer be applicable.


A thorough backup will usually include everything from the device software to its operating system to any documents, images, videos, etc. Additionally, in the event of a catastrophic loss of data or ransomware attack, you can recover a clean, fully backed-up version of your OS and files from a point before the disaster.

Why Backup is More Effective

  • Includes everything on a device’s source drive
  • Allows for a complete restore of a device’s environment for a rapid set up on an existing or new device
  • Provides a version of a device’s environment prior to any disaster or ransomware attack
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Business Continuity

Cloud Storage

Many cloud storage solutions utilize file syncing, which assists in usability but can be risky in regard to security and continuity. If a file is infected on one device or a file is deleted, it’ll be synced to all your devices.


Backups are specifically designed for this type of task. Keeping data offsite provides a necessary level of data protection in case of a disaster to local devices. If your hardware is rendered useless, copies of the data can guarantee you don’t skip a beat.

Why Backup is More Effective

  • Focuses on built-in redundancies of data, preventing full corruption
  • Keeps data in an offsite location, providing an additional layer of protection
  • Allows for rapid restores to prevent interruptions in business continuity

Data Automation

Cloud Storage

Files moved to the cloud will be safe if a device crashes, however, only the files who have been moved into cloud storage will be unharmed. Depending on the solution, users will have to manually save or upload files, photos, or videos to their cloud storage, which can cause issues on data points that have several versions.


Backup takes this manual step out of the process to ensure the integrity and safety of your data. Once you configure which files are backed up and how often backups run, no further manual steps are needed. Files will be automatically backed up and continuously updated.

Why Backup is More Effective

  • Automated file backups and continuous updates remove manual user elements from the equation
  • Users can set custom schedules and decide which specific data points are to be backed up
  • Experience flexibility with automated backups of full device environments including OS and device software
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File Versioning

Cloud Storage

File syncing is a feature of many cloud storage solutions and although it can keep the most updated version of a file, any previous versions will be lost. This is helpful for quick collaboration but incurs a security risk if the local file is infected.


Backup solutions focus on file versioning rather than file syncing. This lets you keep previous versions of files or deleted files so you can restore them if a situation ever arises. Additionally, these previous versions will not be infected if the local copy is rendered useless.

Why Backup is More Effective

  • Can store full copies of data as well as incremental versions which only copy changes made to the full backup
  • Allows restores of previous, uninfected versions of files or other data points
  • Provides flexibility for users to select which data points have previous versions available

What Our Customers Think

The way cloud-backup is integrated seamlessly with the platform is just great! With real-time device activity we can take care of alerts before they become problems.

I really like being able to handle cloud backups directly from the RMM platform, saving us from having to have separate products to accomplish that task.

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NinjaOne Backup: The Premier Backup Solution

NinjaOne simplifies IT operations, enabling overburdened IT teams to efficiently manage their entire IT portfolio and support end users from anywhere.

NinjaOne Backup gives those same IT teams the tools to effectively oversee and protect their data, easing the burden and stress of critical data backups, all while saving time and money.

By combining both backup management and everything else NinjaOne has to offer – such as endpoint monitoring, documentation, remote management and more – NinjaOne provides you with a one-stop shop for all your IT solution needs.

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