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Cisco Meraki (MDM)

Product Summary

Cisco Meraki is a brand within Cisco that specializes in cloud-managed networking solutions. Its mobile device management (MDM) feature, offered through Systems Manager, provides centralized management and security for various mobile devices within your organization.

Use Cases

  • Security:
    Cisco Meraki’s MDM enforces security policies to protect device data, apply restrictions, and control usage with passcode policies.
  • Content management:
    The platform’s on-device content management lets technicians deploy and manage apps, images, documents, and other files on Android devices.
  • Geolocation:
    Cisco Meraki’s geolocation capabilities allow users to locate managed devices and enforce security policies based on a device’s location.


  • Brand customization:
    It would be helpful if the platform had more flexibility for customizing the user interface (UI) to match your company’s branding.
  • Log information:
    The customer portal lacks some necessary log information, making it challenging for technicians to swiftly analyze and troubleshoot.
  • Limited integrations:
    Cisco Meraki MDM reviews state that there are few third-party integrations available.

Sophos Mobile

Product Summary

Sophos Mobile is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution that enables IT teams to manage mobile and traditional devices. Sophos Mobile allows IT teams to monitor and secure their iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS endpoint devices. With Sophos Mobile, users can manage their devices on-premise or remotely via its cloud-based version.

Use Cases

  • Mobile device management (MDM):
    Sophos Mobile allows technicians to keep track of corporate-issued and BYOD mobile devices while protecting them from vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Application management:
    Users can deploy, restrict, remove, and update software for their mobile fleet.
  • Reporting:
    Sophos Mobile can generate customizable reports to provide insight into the status, performance, and security of their mobile devices.


  • Customer support:
    Reviews have said Sophos’ customer support response times could use improvement.
  • Setup time:
    Users have said that the initial deployment and enrollment of all the devices in an organization can take a long time, especially for larger enterprises.
  • Complex configurations:
    Sophos Mobile’s configurations can be challenging and time-consuming.


Why your peers choose us over Cisco Meraki (MDM) and Sophos Mobile

NinjaOne sets itself apart with its exceptional customer reviews, usability and comprehensive integration options, positioning it ahead of its competitors. The platform’s interface is expertly crafted for both quick adoption and ease of use, vital for dynamic IT environments. This focus on user experience doesn’t compromise its robust feature set, which is designed to boost operational efficiency, an area where many competitors struggle.

In terms of integration, NinjaOne shines by offering extensive compatibility with a wide array of third-party applications, an area where other RMM solutions often have limitations. This makes it a more adaptable choice for varied IT ecosystems. Furthermore, NinjaOne’s scalability and performance consistency, even in large network scenarios, mark it as a superior option. Enhanced by advanced, customizable reporting tools, NinjaOne emerges as a leading choice for IT professionals seeking a dependable, efficientRMM platform.

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