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Kinex Medical Company uses NinjaOne to keep headcount low and stay compliant

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Finding an IT Management Solution

With over 30 years in the industry, Kinex Medical Company provides reliable, innovative, and durable medical equipment throughout the United States. They’re trusted by over 2000 doctors to provide specialty orthopedic equipment to 5000+ patients per month. Kinex’s dedicated team operates nationwide, serving patients, partnering with insurance providers, and ensuring timely product deliveries right to customers’ doorsteps. Given the widespread distribution of endpoints across the nation, the Kinex IT department is challenged by orchestrating, safeguarding, and rolling out these devices seamlessly. Paul Jebe, Kinex Medical Company’s Vice President of IT, said, “When I first started at Kinex, we were set up in a very traditional IT model focused primarily on staff working out of our physical offices where we had network infrastructure.” Most of their field staff operated using their personal devices, over which the IT team had limited control. “In 2019, we began looking for end point management solutions,” said Jebe. “I had previous experience with Kaseya, but for our needs it was very cumbersome and too expensive.” Paul consulted with numerous colleagues in the IT industry, however, “They, like a lot of people, didn’t have great things to say about the legacy solutions they were using,” said Jebe. Finally, Paul discovered NinjaOne through a sister company, and knew this solution was exactly what he was looking for.

Solving Remote Management, Compliance and More

“NinjaOne’s interface was so intuitive and just made sense. The options we saw for remote administration and enforcement of policy, patching, compliance, integrations with other systems and a roadmap with future features were exciting,” said Jebe. “NinjaOne’s roadmap showed us it was a software on the rise, rather than a legacy solution like Kaseya that had been around longer but was more stagnant.”

The rest of the Kinex team was not only excited about NinjaOne’s abilities, but also the number of features offered for a single price. “Everything we needed was bundled with NinjaOne, which made the decision to change management tools even more obvious to us. Instead of paying for individual software for backup, antivirus, and ransomware protection, we switched over to systems integrated with NinjaOne. So, getting our CFO to sign off on the investment was incredibly easy,” said Jebe.

Deploying NinjaOne to Kinex’s network was seamless. Leveraging NinjaOne’s support, Paul and his team expedited the deployment process, completing it in under two weeks. This efficiency enabled them to double their endpoint count overnight. “We doubled the devices we managed, but because of NinjaOne, we didn’t have to hire any additional people. That speaks to the impact this tool has had for us,” said Jebe.

As a small team, remote management has not only saved countless hours of manual work, but it’s also increased the scope of what Kinex’s IT team can do. “The remote management and administration capabilities have become easier and faster because of NinjaOne, but it’s just made things like compliance, device deployment and scripting possible for us,” said Jebe.

“NinjaOne’s roadmap showed us it was a software on the rise, rather than a legacy solution like Kaseya that had been around longer but was more stagnant.” Paul Jebe, Vice President of IT

In the healthcare sector, endpoints often house patient data. Compliance hinges on ensuring that only authorized devices store this sensitive information. “To stay HIPPA compliant, you can’t have patient information inadvertently downloaded or saved on unauthorized devices. NinjaOne allowed us to create scripts that automatically delete downloaded files on all our endpoints every 24 hours, which removes that chance of human error and ensures we’re compliant,” said Jebe.

On the helpdesk front, NinjaOne has significantly reduced the manual tasks that used to pile up. “We can create scripts to automatically encrypt devices, install software, configure devices and remotely reboot endpoints, which saves countless hours of manual work,” said Jebe. “Before NinjaOne, we really didn’t have a way to tackle that.”

NinjaOne has made Paul and his team’s work simpler and faster, which makes working in the platform actually enjoyable for them. “My whole team likes working in NinjaOne because it just works. When we do have a problem, we call into support and we’re always working with someone who is knowledgeable and can help get the issue fixed,” said Jebe. “The support team feels like an extension of my team. They’re more concerned with making sure we’re growing and doing well than nickel and diming us.”

An Exciting Partnership

For Paul and his team, NinjaOne opened doors to achieve tasks that previously seemed unattainable without using cumbersome and complex IT solutions. “Not having to leave this single pane of glass to solve remote management is so convenient and simple,” said Jebe.

As NinjaOne continues to grow and evolve, Kinex Medical Company sees a bright future in the partnership. Jebe added, “Even though we’re extremely happy with NinjaOne now, it’s just continuing to get better. There are more integrations, and more features that come along that we’re excited to take advantage of.”

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