Ninja Ranked #1 for RMM in G2

NinjaOne Ranked #1

As technology advances and businesses strive for efficient IT operations, the need for robust Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Patch Management, and Endpoint Management solutions becomes paramount. In the recently released G2 Summer 2023 Research Report, NinjaOne is proud to announce top ratings in multiple categories.

Customers who submitted reviews to G2 ranged in size from overseeing hundreds to thousands of endpoints and have been a customer of NinjaOne anywhere from three months to several years. The reviewers were from organizations managing a hybrid workforce of in-office and remote workers.

Join us as we delve into NinjaOne's remarkable achievements, securing its position as the leading provider in the industry.

Reigning supreme for 17 consecutive quarters in RMM

When it comes to Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), NinjaOne has consistently outshined the competition, as affirmed by G2's Summer 2023 Research Report. Holding the #1 spot for a staggering 17 consecutive quarters, NinjaOne RMM has set the standard for excellence. This remarkable feat can be attributed to its comprehensive suite of features, including real-time monitoring, proactive issue detection, robust automation capabilities, and seamless integration with third-party tools. NinjaOne's RMM empowers IT professionals to optimize their infrastructure, enhance productivity, and minimize downtime, thereby revolutionizing IT management for businesses of all sizes.

"I really enjoy working with a vendor that feels like an extension of my team" - Darrel K.
Read the full report to learn more on how NinjaOne is consistently ranked as the leader across a field of 25+ vendors in RMM.

Leading the way in patch management

Keeping software up-to-date with the latest security patches is essential in safeguarding businesses against cyber threats. In the realm of Patch Management Software, NinjaOne stands head and shoulders above the competition. G2's Summer 2023 Research Report recognizes NinjaOne as the undisputed leader in this category, thanks to its unrivaled functionality and ease of use. With NinjaOne's Patch Management Software, IT teams can automate patch deployment across their entire network, ensuring comprehensive protection against vulnerabilities. This solution streamlines the patch management process, saving time and reducing the risk of potential breaches, making NinjaOne the go-to choice for businesses seeking optimal security and efficiency.

"NinjaOne allows me to spend more time doing things other than installing updates on user computers." - Austin H.

Download the full report to see why NinjaOne is ranked the leader across a field of 50+ vendors in Patch Management solutions.

Elevating endpoint management through customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a testament to the effectiveness and reliability of any software solution. In the domain of Endpoint Management, NinjaOne has claimed the top spot for customer satisfaction. G2's Summer 2023 Research Report showcases NinjaOne's exceptional ability to meet and exceed customer expectations. By delivering a user-friendly interface, robust functionality, and exceptional customer support, NinjaOne ensures that businesses can efficiently manage their endpoints without any hassle. The solution's seamless integration, proactive monitoring, and easy-to-use controls empower IT professionals to enhance endpoint security and optimize device management. NinjaOne's dedication to customer satisfaction solidifies its position as the preferred choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive and reliable Endpoint Management solution.

"NinjaOne makes it possible for us to monitor, support, and secure our endpoints from anywhere." - Paul J.

See why customers rank NinjaOne as the leader in Endpoint Management.

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G2's Summer 2023 Research Report is a resounding testament to NinjaOne's unrivaled prowess in the IT management space. With the #1 RMM for 17 consecutive quarters, leading Patch Management Software and top-notch customer satisfaction in Endpoint Management, NinjaOne continues to set new standards for excellence. Businesses can confidently rely on NinjaOne's comprehensive suite of solutions to achieve seamless IT management, enhanced security and optimized operational efficiency.

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NinjaOne Rated #1 in RMM, Endpoint Management and Patch Management

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