How a Major League Baseball Team Scored Big with NinjaOne’s SaaS Solutions

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In the high-stakes world of professional sports, IT plays a critical role that goes beyond the field. Recently, a Major League Baseball team demonstrated how switching to NinjaOne for IT management can lead to significant improvements in efficiency, security, and scalability, revolutionizing their operational approach.

Tackling traditional IT hurdles

The team’s initial struggle with slow on-premises IT solutions became a major issue during the pandemic. This period highlighted the need for an IT infrastructure that could adapt to sudden changes and maintain high performance levels, especially with the shift to remote work. The problems with traditional systems—such as latency, limited remote access capabilities, and poor scalability—became roadblocks to efficiency and growth.

“Our previous tool was incredibly unresponsive. I could count the pixels on my screen waiting for a computer to respond to its command…patching was nonexistent.”

John Pilot, IT Ops Analyst, Major League Baseball team

Embracing NinjaOne

The shift to NinjaOne marked a significant transition. This platform offered a seamless blend of speed, simplicity, and the ability to scale, revolutionizing how the team managed their IT network. Its automation capabilities, particularly in handling routine tasks and complex operations across a vast array of endpoints, marked a substantial improvement over the previous system.

“NinjaOne offers us the triad of efficiency, usability, and scalability altogether. Thanks to built-in automations, it makes us exponentially more efficient at doing our jobs, which in turn drives efficiency across other departments. The user experience is incredible–I can look at my environment from the 10,000 foot view or zoom in at the microscopic level. And it’s scalable. NinjaOne’s automations allows us to monitor and support 1,000 endpoints as easily as 10 endpoints,”

Accelerating IT operations

The implementation of NinjaOne led to a dramatic increase in operational efficiency. For instance, tasks like deploying PowerShell scripts, which were traditionally time-consuming, were significantly accelerated, enhancing productivity. The platform’s robust automated patch management not only ensured up-to-date systems, but also substantially reduced the time IT staff spent on routine maintenance.

Transformative outcomes

John Pilot, the IT analyst, observed a drastic improvement in both the speed and reliability of IT operations. Processes that used to take hours could now be completed in minutes. This efficiency freed up the IT team to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation, rather than being bogged down by day-to-day maintenance tasks.

“If it weren’t for NinjaOne, especially its built-in automation, my job would be absolutely miserable,”


The experience of a Major League Baseball team with NinjaOne is a compelling example of how innovative IT solutions can revolutionize operations. This case study is not just about technology in sports; it’s a clear demonstration of the benefits that modern SaaS solutions bring to IT management. Discover how NinjaOne can transform your IT operations – explore our offerings and start your journey toward a more efficient IT landscape.

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