Best MSP Software: Ratings & Reviews for 2023

by Team Ninja

Updated with new best MSP software ratings from April 2023. From RMMs to documentation software, what solutions are Managed Service Providers (MSPs) relying on most to power their businesses and provide exceptional services?

We pulled ratings from G2 and Capterra for 90+ products across 14 different software categories to provide you with a central location to find the best MSP software. The result is this guide full of comparison charts, highlighting how individual products stack up against one another in terms of overall satisfaction, usability, and quality of support. The hope is these charts provide MSPs with a helpful starting point for researching their many (and growing) options.

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What this guide covers


Product ratings

  1. RMM ratings
  2. PSA ratings
  3. RMM & PSA combo ratings
  4. Remote desktop ratings
  5. Backup ratings
  6. Help desk / ticketing software ratings
  7. CRM ratings
  8. Endpoint security software ratings
  9. Email protection software ratings
  10. Identity management solution ratings
  11. Network monitoring software ratings
  12. Documentation software ratings
  13. Quoting & invoicing software ratings
  14. Open source software ratings

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Product Ratings


Before we dive in, a few quick notes re: our methodology and the purpose of this guide.

  • Sources: The following ratings were collected from third-party review sites G2 and Capterra in April 2023.
  • What "--" indicates: The particular data point was either unavailable at the time of our collection, or the product did not meet our cutoff of having five or more reviews.
  • These lists are obviously not comprehensive: The MSP software market contains many tools not seen here. Creating a truly exhaustive list is an undertaking left to more adventurous souls. We have simply done our best include the major players in each category that are geared specifically toward MSPs, and that have a minimum of review data available.
  • How to best use this guide: This guide is not meant to be the final word on the value of these solutions. Many factors go into choosing the best MSP software for your MSP. User ratings are just one. Therefore, this guide primarily serves as a jumping-off point for additional research.


Best RMM Software

Comparisons & Ratings

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions represent one of the two central pillars of best MSP software. They power many aspects of client service and support, including proactive monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting. RMMs allow MSPs to streamline and automate these tasks, and in turn provide more efficient, scalable services. Many RMMs also integrate with backup, security, remote desktop, and other solutions in order to provide MSPs with the ability to manage everything from a single pane of glass.

In addition to the chart below, you can also see a comparison of top RMM solutions directly from G2 here.

Top RMM software for MSPs: NinjaOne

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Best PSA Software

Comparisons & Ratings

Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions represent the other central pillar of MSP software. Whereas RMMs power the technical side of service delivery, PSAs power things on the business side — helping with client management, billing, reporting, and more. One of the big benefits of a PSA is it can bring aspects of a variety of systems (ticketing, invoicing, etc.) under one roof. We view PSA software as a beneficial companion to RMM software because, when used together, they help MSPs provide outstanding services to their clients.

Top PSA Software for MSPs: HaloPSA

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Best Combination RMM & PSA Software

Comparisons & Ratings

There are some solutions available that provide both RMM and PSA functionality. These have found traction with small/new MSPs in particular, who see value in having just one tool to manage until they become large enough to warrant migrating to more specialized solutions. Having one tool to accomplish two purposes can also help to simplify overall business management, which is a reason that an MSP might use a combination RMM & PSA software.

Top combination RMM & PSA software for MSPs: Naverisk

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Best Remote Desktop Software

Comparisons & Ratings

Managing multiple client networks means it's critical for MSPs to have the ability to gain quick and reliable remote access to machines. Remote access gives permission and entry into their systems through either a telecommunication protocol or an internet connection. Many of our partners take advantage of NinjaOne's remote access bundling options to save money and simplify their billing.

Top remote desktop software for MSPs: Splashtop

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Best Backup Software

Comparisons & Ratings

Backup is the duplication of your clients' data and storing it in another location, and recovery is when you restore the data back to client systems. Providing backup and disaster recovery services has become a core offering for MSPs, especially with the rise of ransomware and other destructive online threats. Although it's still comparatively new to the market, we're excited to see NinjaOne Data Protection already high on the list! Learn how it can help you provide faster, more flexible backup services.

Top backup software for MSPs: Veeam


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Best Help Desk & Ticketing Software

Comparisons & Ratings

Help desk and ticketing software is invaluable when it comes to MSPs providing service for their clients because service requests from end users are translated into the form of tickets. While many MSPs turn to PSAs to bring service desk, ticketing, and other aspects of their client management under one roof, others find that having separate solutions is the best move for their business for a variety of reasons. For NinjaOne partners, we've recently introduced new ticketing software that provides seamless integration with our RMM.

Top help desk and ticketing software for MSPs: Freshservice

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Best CRM Software

Comparisons & Ratings

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software gives you resources to effectively manage relationships with customers through using a system to track notes, interactions, and other data. MSPs use customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to manage and track their business relationships, from the initial stages of sales outreach to ongoing client engagement.

Top CRM software for MSPs: Less Annoying CRM

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Best Endpoint Security

Comparisons & Ratings

Endpoint security software has gone through a massive shake-up over the past six years. The fact that we're not referring to it as "antivirus" is exhibit A. The rise of EDR fundamentally changed the vendor landscape, and we continue to see more complex solutions migrating downstream from the enterprise space into the stacks of MSPs and their customers. To keep things simple, we've restricted this list to endpoint protection suites that have dedicated partner programs and/or RMM integrations.

Top endpoint security software for MSPs: SentinelOne

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Best Email Protection Software

Comparisons & Ratings

MSPs can use email protection solutions to protect client email accounts from user-targeted attacks such as phishing, spoofing, and more.

Top email protection software for MSPs:

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Best Identity Management Solutions

Comparisons & Ratings

Identity and Access Management (IAM) software can help MSPs protect clients from unauthorized network access and quickly provision users.

Top identity management solutions for MSPs: Rippling

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Best Monitoring Software

Comparisons & Ratings

Many MSPs utilize their RMMs to conduct basic proactive monitoring, but there are cases where additional network monitoring solutions may be appropriate. For clients with large or more complex networks in their IT environment, these other network monitoring solutions could be useful.

Top monitoring software for MSPs: Domotz

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Best Documentation Software

Comparisons & Ratings

IT documentation records and stores essential IT information pertaining to procedures, credentials, and other necessary details for easy access. Good documentation is the key to less time consuming, higher quality, and repeatable service. In addition to checking out the options below, NinjaOne partners can now take advantage of our own free documentation software. See a short demo video here.

Top documentation software for MSPs: ITGlue

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Best Quoting & Invoicing Software

Comparisons & Ratings

You can be good at IT, but in order to be a successful MSP you have to have good business operations, too. Quoting and invoicing software aids MSPs and enables them to have a smooth sales process. Having software that makes that side of things as streamlined and easy as possible is key.

Top quoting software for MSPs: PandaDoc

Top invoicing/accounting software for MSPs: FreshBooks

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Open Source MSP Software

Comparisons & Ratings

Open source software allows anyone to access it and to modify in any way they see fit to accomplish their software goals. There's no lack of proprietary solutions out there, but for those adventurous enough (or who are simply lacking in budget), there are many free and open source options to consider, as well.

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MSP Software FAQs

What is MSP software?

MSP software refers to software or programs designed for and used by Managed Service Providers.

What is MSP software used for?

MSP software helps MSPs to provide excellent services to their clients and effectively run their business.

What are the benefits of MSP software?

MSP software provides an array of benefits for MSPs and their businesses. Each type of software brings specific benefits to a particular area of the business or aims to resolve a certain pain point of MSPs. Ultimately, MSP software benefits MSPs by providing specially designed systems and tools to carry out their business in a more efficient way.

What is the average budget for MSP software?

The cost of MSP software solutions vary depending on multiple factors such as the type of software, how many users or clients an MSP has, and the software provider. Capterra has provided an MSP software pricing guide and cost comparison so you can compare MSP software solutions.

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We're proud to be ranked as the #1 RMM on G2, with the highest satisfaction, usability, and quality of support scores in the category.

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