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What IT Teams and MSPs are saying about NinjaOne

With NinjaOne, we have a single pane of glass to manage backups, software updates, software deployment, remote management, and device management and monitoring. In less time, we are able to do so much more.

Joann Dewwealth-O’Brien

Senior Technology Manager – Rare

With improved remote management capabilities, we’ve experienced a 20% reduction in downtime for our endpoints, positively impacting productivity across the organization.

Mr. Manoj Gopalakrishnan

Director of Information Technology – Al Abbar Group

Not having to leave this single pane of glass to solve remote management is so convenient and simple

Paul Jebe

Vice President of IT – Kinex Medical Company

RMM Free Trial FAQs

Yes, NinjaOne’s free trial gives you full access to all features of our remote monitoring and management solution. This should allow you to try out NinjaOne’s RMM functionalities before committing to a plan.

NinjaOne offers a 14-day free trial for RMM that starts upon signing up. Those two weeks enable users to test all the essential features and see how NinjaOne RMM streamlines remote monitoring and management tasks. Once the trial ends, you can request a quote to learn more about our pricing plans.

During an RMM trial, you should focus on features crucial to your workflow. Some key features to look for are continuous endpoint monitoring and reporting, patch management and updating functions, and a unified dashboard to improve IT.