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Connectwise Manage

Run your MSP business through a seamless two-way integration between NinjaOne and Connectwise Manage.

Use Case

Use Case

NinjaOne Connectwise Manage Integration

NinjaOne Connectwise Manage Integration

NinjaOne Connectwise Manage Integration Benefits

Device to Configuration Sync

Sync device roles and devices from NinjaOne to Connectwise configurations and configuration types.

Alerting and Ticket Templates

NinjaOne alerts will be synced to Connectwise tickets. Customizable ticketing options to select different service boards, priority, and status.

Two-way Sync for Ticketing

Resetting a NinjaOne alert will close the ticket in Connectwise, and vice-versa.

Remote Access for Connectwise

Connect to all of the devices you manage in NinjaOne directly from the Connectwise interface.

Connectwise Manage Features that You’ll Love

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Fast full-visibility billing

With built-in automation from ConnectWise PSA, you can start taking advantage of full visibility to deliver invoices on time, eliminate human error, offer world-class service, and build profits while you do it.
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Cohesive project management

Seamlessly transition projects and tasks to keep your communication flowing without ever worrying about accountability and visibility. Allow every department to work as a single, cohesive team, all from one application.
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Know your business better

Make strategic, data-driven decisions for your business with powerful reporting and informative dashboards. Discover a centralized view of every aspect of your business with Connectwise Manage Reporting.
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One true source of information

ConnectWise Manage centralizes all of your clients’ data into one application so that everyone in your company, no matter what department, is looking at the same information. Stop struggling with disconnected systems, clumsy handoffs, and incomplete documentation.
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Take control of your help desk

ConnectWise PSA lets you breathe a little easier with solutions that provide clear lines of communication, an efficient ticketing process, and easily tracked workflows. Efficient documentation allows you to utilize resources wisely and capture every moment of billable time.
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Powerful CRM

You have full visibility into the pipeline with automated follow-ups so you never miss the next step, or let a deal get cold. Automate the tasks that are keeping your team from the big picture, and keep them focused on your customers instead. Once the sale is done, a seamless handoff from sales to project management means nothing falls through the cracks.

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