NinjaOne + IT Glue Integration

With the NinjaOne + IT Glue integration, IT teams can export device data from NinjaOne for faster, easier documentation and asset management.
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Device & Organization Mapping

Manage device data and IT documentation together from a single platform, with seamless syncing of organizations and devices between NinjaOne and IT Glue.

More Complete Documentation

Empower your techs to resolve issues faster with access to a complete picture by automatically syncing critical endpoint data, including device details, between both platforms.

NinjaOne + ITGlue Integration Advantages

Intuitive and Easy to Use
Trusted by thousands of partners around the world, NinjaOne and IT Glue are fast to onboard and easy to learn. Get the integration up-and-running in a few quick steps, helping save your team valuable time to pursue more strategic initiatives.
Enhance technician time to resolution by creating a complete picture with device data from NinjaOne exported into existing IT Glue documentation.
Save your team critical time with seamless access to device documentation within IT Glue using one-click access from NinjaOne.
Prevent technicians from searching for necessary information with complete, consistent and compliant IT documentation.
G2 Leader - Summer 2024
G2 Best Relationship - Summer 2024
G2 Best Results - Summer 2024
G2 Best Usability - Mid-Market - Summer 2024
G2 Most Implementable - Mid-Market - Summer 2024

“NinjaOne’s RMM service is probably
the easiest win we’ve had.”

Jer Ratcliffe, System Administrator

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