Empower Your Users with a Self-Service Portal

Enable remote access and the ability to restore backed up files to end-users and their designated devices, even when they are off-premises.

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screenshots of NinjaOne dashboard showing VPN-less remote access

VPN-less remote access using your own single sign-on credentials

Remote workers often need access to on-premises or shared devices to get to critical business applications or files. NinjaOne allows IT admins to give end-users secure remote access through the self-service portal additional software. To simplify access while ensuring tight security, NinjaOne enables the use of your own native SSO software for authorized login.

screenshots of NinjaOne dashboard showing how end-users can restore their own files

Let end-users restore their own files

File restore tickets can inundate any helpdesk. Ninja gives you the ability to allow end-users to download backed up files from their assigned devices without IT intervention.
screenshots of NinjaOne dashboard showing how end-users can remotely manage endpoints

Enable technical end-users to remotely manage endpoints via the terminal

Whether you’re working with technical users, third party implementation teams, or external consultants, the end-user self-service portal can give end-users access to the remote command, Powershell interface, or terminal for greater control.

Gain visibility and control over end-user access

Administrators can establish distinct roles for end-users, tailoring access levels to suit various user profiles. The ability to expand or restrict access to applications and systems is effortlessly achieved through role assignments, ensuring streamlined security management.

Screenshot of NinjaOne dashboard showing how end users can gain visibility.

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End-user self-service allows end-users to help themselves solve common IT issues via remote control, file restore, and terminal without IT intervention.

The NinjaOne self-service portal provides end-users with access to the remote command, Powershell interface, or terminal for greater control without any access to other RMM functionality. Access to both the portal and managed endpoints is administered within NinjaOne, giving you complete control over who has access.

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