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rdata’s Digital Evolution Powered by NinjaOne


The digital age has ushered in countless opportunities, but with them come challenges. For businesses, the ability to navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape can make all the difference. Enter rdata: a distinguished IT firm spanning from Sweden to China. With over two decades of experience under its belt, this managed service provider from Ängelholm, Sweden, has seen its share of technological pivots. But as its founder, Ulf Ringdahl, points out, many IT service providers are afraid to change systems due to time and money constraints.

rdata’s global footprint

From its humble beginnings in Ängelholm, Sweden, rdata has grown exponentially, providing IT solutions across the globe, including countries such as Denmark, Mexico and China. A team of 13, led by Ulf Ringdahl, is at the helm of this enterprise, ensuring top-notch service delivery and customer satisfaction. Despite its successes, rdata’s journey wasn’t devoid of turbulence. An 11-year alliance with a previous IT management provider presented significant challenges as the provider transitioned to a web-centric model. This shift led to a fragmented system, with functionalities dispersed between the new web interface and the legacy client software. For rdata’s compact team of 13 to adeptly manage over 2,000 endpoints, having a dependable technology solution was essential. This not only complicated tasks like patch management but also necessitated multiple training sessions, draining resources and time. In response to these complications, rdata sought a new IT management solution: a platform that combined speed, ease of use, and advanced capabilities. NinjaOne emerged as their ideal solution. The shift was nothing short of impressive, with over 2,000 endpoints integrated in a mere three days.

NinjaOne: The game changer

The transition’s smoothness was just the tip of the iceberg. NinjaOne brought a slew of advantages to the table. Its user-friendly interface provided easy access to a vast script library, tools, and integrations like Bitdefender, all from a singular platform. Additionally, its proactive alert mechanisms, such as those for hosting disk failures, redefined rdata’s monitoring approach. What particularly stood out was NinjaOne’s adaptability. Ringdahl recounts his personal experience, sharing how he set up their entire patch management in just 15 minutes. This user-friendliness has also streamlined the onboarding process at rdata, with Ringdahl personally overseeing training sessions. The ease with which they can integrate new team members, update them about product enhancements and train them on functionalities underscores the platform’s intuitive design. The benefits of NinjaOne transcended its core functionalities. rdata witnessed a holistic transformation in its business operations. Ringdahl found himself with more time for client interactions, while his team could dedicate more resources to core developmental projects. For any unforeseen challenges, the Mobile App offers remote remediations and solutions, reinforcing the utility and peace of mind that NinjaOne offers.

Looking ahead

Reflecting upon their journey, rdata’s collaboration with NinjaOne emerges as a pivotal moment. With a staggering 95% reduction in administrative tasks, they’ve not only streamlined their IT operations but have also set a gold standard in service delivery. Echoing Ringdahl’s sentiments, the switch was all about fostering growth. With NinjaOne as their partner, rdata’s trajectory is set to soar even higher.

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