MSPs: Use RMM to Gain a Competitive Advantage

by AJ Singh
Competitve Advantage RMM


Every Managed Service Provider (MSP) is looking for a way to stand out in the marketplace. Competition is getting fierce, and companies with the most outstanding customer service will achieve a competitive advantage. The use of Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software is critical to establishing market dominance because its capabilities allow you to collaborate with your customers to keep their systems running well.


RMM software provides a range of capabilities. It is implemented by installing a piece of software, often called an agent, on your clients’ workstations, mobile devices, servers, and any other components of the network. The software agent communicates information concerning the status of each component back to your servers.


  • Full-time Monitoring. RMM solutions can monitor the health of systems and networks 24/7. With MSP staff working around the clock, you can address problems immediately and address some issues before they become problems.
  • Behind-the-scenes Repairs. With RMM, you can connect to a customer’s system to troubleshoot and fix problems without interrupting their operation.
  • High-level Security. RMM tools allow you to easily apply antivirus and anti-malware software across your clients’ desktops and servers.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Tasks. You can schedule process checks, data backups, and other functions to run automatically.
  • Reporting. The RMM tools will create a trouble ticket when a problem is identified and generate activity reports as needed.
  • Working From a Central Site. With RMM tools, you can work on all the components of a system at one time. In addition, your staff will use one interface to manage systems for a variety of customers.


As an MSP, you’re in the service business. Anything you can do to increase the level of service you provide to your customers is going to make your business stronger. The advantages of RMM for you also translate into benefits for your customers. Here’s how you can make that translation.

Your Advantage: Your employees will save time and need less training because of RMM automation and its single central interface to your customers’ systems. Customer Benefit: Your customers benefit because you can pass those savings on to them.

Your Advantage: You can spot a potential problem and often fix it before your client is even aware a problem exists. Customer Benefit: Your customers see computer downtime as a real threat to their business. They'll avoid experiencing a systems problem that reduces their productivity.

Your Advantage: You’ll offer system-wide security. Customer Benefit: Your customers won’t need to worry about securing their systems one device at a time. They’ll eliminate the expense of acquiring security software licenses, distributing updates, and tracking renewal dates. They’ll also avoid the sometimes disastrous consequences of a security breach that could have been stopped with the right security measures in place.

Your Advantage: You’ll provide reports that help justify the expense of MSP services. Customer Benefit: Your customers will know how well their systems are running and what proactive measures were taken to avoid problems. They’ll be in a position to appreciate their partnership with a full-service MSP.


Think about having two choices. Either you will never have another headache in your life, or you have a headache every day but can take a pill to stop the headache fairly quickly. Which would you choose?

When you use a traditional break-fix service model, you typically interact with your customers only when something goes wrong. With RMM capability, you’re in a position to collaborate with your customers to help them reach their goals. You’ll cement customer relationships by becoming your customer's partner rather than just another vendor.

With Ninja as your remote monitoring and management solution of choice, you will have unparalleled monitoring to detect and remediate problems, with a single pane for malware, antivirus, screen sharing, ticketing, patching, and more.

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