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Happy Monday! First off, I wanted to say a big "thank you" to everyone who responded to last week's request for feedback. Not only did a bunch of folks pass along encouraging words, I also received some terrific actionable suggestions for making these emails even better (which I'm absolutely going to start putting to use).
Before we dive into this week's resources I also have a great event to tell you about scheduled for Thursday (June 18) at 1pm ET | 5pm GMT.
msp sales prospecting ideas
We're teaming up with OITVOIP CEO Ray Orsini to host an interactive brainstorming session designed to help us all generate new sales prospecting ideas now that the majority of in-person events are canceled or going virtual. The person who brings the most upvoted idea will walk away with a $50 Amazon gift card, so bring your ideas and see you there!

This week I want to:

Get a PowerShell script that can generate 8 different Microsoft Teams reports [blog post]

Are your clients interested in learning more about their org's Teams usage? Whip up reports on all Teams, all members and owners, all channels, and more with this handy script.
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Hear ideas for tightening up policies and procedures

If you're not familiar with Ray Orsini get acquainted by tuning in to the session he did with us as part of our MSP Security Summit. He touches on his approach to SOPs and why they're so critical to staying organized and secure at scale.
Source: Us
Category: MSP company development ?

See example templates for writing/improving SOPs [templates]

Speaking of standard operating procedures, this guide from contains helpful best practices on how to write them + example templates (including three IT-specific templates).
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Break down exactly how many leads you need to generate to hit a specific revenue goal

This webinar with Ray and Terry Hedden from Marketopia is a good warm-up for our Live Chat on Thursday. They discuss the fundamentals behind setting the right sales goals for your MSP and driving toward them effectively.
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Learn about Azure AD password spraying attacks and how to defend against them [blog post]

Daniel Chronlund shares an example of a password spray attack abusing PowerShell and how to break it with a simple Conditional Access policy.
Category: Security ?
Have a great week and hope to see you on Thursday!

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