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Spend less time managing endpoint security through Ninja’s single-pane antivirus integration.

Automatically deploy and configure antivirus across endpoints

Ninja allows you to automatically install antivirus across your endpoints with granular controls over which devices, organizations, and groups receive protection. Ninja can identify which endpoints do not have antivirus and install it — even if the end user removes it.

Managed Antivirus Automate Zoom
Managed Antivirus

Improve protection

Automate your endpoint protection by configuring when and how your antivirus runs or run ad-hoc scans on individual devices. You have granular control over scan options, schedules, and exclusions. The full power of your antivirus is within your control.

Show your antivirus compliance

NinjaOne enables you to view antivirus scan summaries, solution deployments, and threats on a per-device or per-organization level. Presentation-ready reports allow you to report on security compliance to business users with the push of a button. NinjaOne provides AV reporting on:

  • Device protection status
  • Antivirus solution deployed
  • Definition status
  • Deployments

NinjaOne is an essential in my toolkit!

I love being able to deploy Teamviewer and Webroot SecureAnywhere with one agent deployment. Teamviewer and Webroot are best of breed and well integrated with NinjaOne.

A Great and Easy to Use RMM

We were able to cut our costs by consolidating our Antivirus Software/Remote Software/Management Software with one suite that does everything we need and in some cases, even better!


Bitdefender keeps your endpoints safe against sophisticated cyber-threats with a unified prevention, detection, response and hardening solution. Our single pane of glass integration enables you to manage endpoint security from directly within NinjaOne. With Ninja and Bitdefender, you can:
  • Automatically deploy Bitdefender across organizations and endpoints
  • Get granular control over scan options, schedules, exclusions
  • Automate scanning, quarantine, and purging activities
  • Report on antivirus compliance
  • Provide a Bitdefender systray icon to clients so they know they’re covered


Webroot provides cloud-based protection that stops threats in real time and secures endpoints wherever they connect. NinjaOne’s integration with Webroot provides you with the ability to:

  • Automatically deploy Webroot across organizations and endpoints
  • Visit the Webroot dashboard via NinjaOne
  • Report on antivirus compliance

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