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Centralized Device Management for Manufacturers

NinjaOne provides manufacturers with unparalleled endpoint visibility and control across Windows, Linux, and Mac systems, ensuring maximum uptime, reduced risk, increased efficiency and scalable end-user support.

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We solve manufacturing IT challenges

The manufacturing industry is a frequent target for cyberattacks experiencing almost a quarter of the attacks worldwide. To combat this threat, IT teams in manufacturing must strengthen endpoints, safeguard their data and patch vulnerabilities quickly.

NinjaOne is one of the industry’s most highly rated endpoint management solutions that provides full visibility into managed endpoints, full control over end-user devices, and the ability to automate maintenance, management, and security workflows across devices at scale.

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Patch, harden, and secure all your endpoints to help minimize downtime risks
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Protect critical endpoint data from loss with robust integrated backup
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Secure against ransomware by automatically ensuring antivirus is always on endpoints
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Configure and manage servers, laptops, and networks remotely within the manufacturing environment
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Gain clear visibility into your IT assets, users, and workflows

We enable manufacturers to solve their most critical IT problems more efficiently

Protect IT assets and manufacturing data

As manufacturers increasingly adopt automation and technology, their vulnerability to cyberattacks rises. IT leaders must fortify defenses and ensure a secure IT landscape.

NinjaOne delivers 90% faster patching with zero-touch automation across endpoints. In addition, we provide tools that help reduce vulnerabilities, harden endpoints, back up and restore business-critical data, and protect against advanced cyber threats.

Embrace automation of manual endpoint tasks

As the market-leading solution for unified IT management, NinjaOne gives IT teams at manufacturing organizations unprecedented ability to automate endpoint management at scale, dramatically reducing time spent on manual, error-prone tasks.

Automate common workflows including new device setup, vulnerability identification, patch management, backup of critical data, and application installation across endpoints.

Centrally manage endpoints at scale

Manufacturers typically operate in a distributed manner, with employees and IT assets dispersed across global locations.

NinjaOne empowers IT teams to oversee manufacturing networks, servers, and end-user devices from a single, user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for technicians to travel between locations for maintenance and support.

Reduce cost and complexity

Annually, manufacturers increasingly lean on technology to boost efficiency and meet demand. Business leaders anticipate these technologies to be integrated smoothly and cost-effectively, ensuring swift implementations without service disruptions.

NinjaOne consolidates numerous tools IT teams use for infrastructure management and support. This not only cuts down on software license expenses and complexity but also minimizes the attack surface. Plus, we ensure a smooth implementation journey with unlimited onboarding and training.

What our manufacturing partners say

5-star Rated by IT Pros

G2 Endpoint Management Leader Spring 24
G2 Easiest Admin - Winter 2024
G2 - 5 stars reviews
GetApp - 5 stars reviews
Capterra - 5 stars reviews
Software Advice - 5 stars reviews

Key Features

Patch your Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints


Secure endpoints and ensure up-to-date software by automating patch management for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. With the industry’s most detailed patch management workflow, set up your patching preferences effortlessly. Swiftly deploy and refresh prevalent third-party applications on endpoints

Take control with fast and secure remote access


Quickly, easily, and securely take control of endpoints using one of NinjaOne’s fully integrated, one-click remote access tools. Perform maintenance, verify issues, and provide quick support using NinjaOne Remote, TeamViewer, Splashtop, RDP, or Connectwise ScreenConnect with lightning-fast connection speeds.

Deploy applications and setup new devices


Automate your IT asset lifecycle management. Set up and configure new endpoints, deploy applications, get up-to-the-minute software and hardware inventories, and identify device upgrade and retirement needs.

Automate device configuration and maintenance


Save time and boost productivity by automating repeatable tasks and basic remediations with powerful scripting and automation capabilities. Deploy automations on demand, on schedule, or in response to alerts using one of five common scripting languages – Powershell, Batch, Javascript, ShellScript, and VBScript.

Protect critical business data


Deploy and manage your antivirus and security applications from within NinjaOne, configure devices to improve security, and protect critical business data via NinjaOne’s cloud backup solution.

Get full visibility into all your IT assets


See all your IT assets – Windows, Mac, Linux, SNMP, and cloud endpoints – from a centralized interface. At-a-glance identify the health and performance of a device, see what issues need to be remediated, and quickly act.

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