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3 Reasons Why Metis Technology Switched from N-able to NinjaOne

with Rick Mitchell, Tracy Mitchell, Billy Murchison, Andrew Givens and Carson Crance, Metis Technology

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Metis Technology is an IT outsourcing company that offers full-service IT management services to businesses of all sizes.


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Built for scale

«It only took a little over two weeks to deploy NinjaOne to all 1,300 of our clients’ endpoints,» said Andrew Givens, NOC engineer. «NinjaOne has made us more efficient and more effective. If we were to add another 1,000 endpoints tomorrow, we have the infrastructure in place to handle that scale,» said Mitchell.

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New-client onboarding made easy

«New-client onboarding is 50% faster with NinjaOne,» said Givens. «We’ve revolutionized our onboarding process thanks to NinjaOne. Now, it’s like an automated production line,» said Billy Murchison, director of operations.

Technicians helping each other

Intuitive, easy to learn UI

«We actually just had a new employee start today. It only took her 90 minutes to get up to speed with NinjaOne,» said Givens. «The user interface is one of the best that we’ve seen. We were able to sign-in and pretty much know where everything was right off the bat,» said Carson Crance, help desk engineer.

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