NinjaOne Shines Bright at SpiceWorld 2023: A Recap of an Unforgettable Week


The annual SpiceWorld conference, held in Austin, Texas, is a highlight for IT professionals, and NinjaOne’s presence at this year’s event was nothing short of spectacular. With a bustling booth, unforgettable parties, thought-provoking presentations and engaging conversations, SpiceWorld 2023 was a resounding success for NinjaOne.

Booth buzz and SpiceRex’s Dino Disco

NinjaOne’s booth was a hub of activity throughout the event, with enthusiastic attendees stopping by for engaging conversations, product demonstrations and swag. The energy was palpable as IT professionals from diverse backgrounds came together to explore how NinjaOne could streamline their operations and enhance efficiency.

One of the standout moments was the ACL (Austin City Limits) party, which was a themed Dino Disco with SpiceRex as the guest of honor. Picture Saturday Night Fever meets Jurassic Park, and you’ve got the idea! Attendees let loose on the dance floor, grooving to disco beats alongside the beloved SpiceRex, creating unforgettable memories and forging connections.

Salt Lick BBQ and Spice buddies bonding

Beyond the conference halls, NinjaOne hosted a group of Spice Buddies at the iconic Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, Texas. Amid mouthwatering BBQ, Spice Buddies shared their IT journeys, ranging from 2 to an impressive 38 years of experience. The luncheon was a perfect opportunity to discuss past SpiceWorld shows and how some attendees traveled from far and wide to be part of this annual IT extravaganza.

The camaraderie among Spice Buddies and the passionate discussions about their shared experiences highlighted the tight-knit community that SpiceWorld has nurtured over the years.

Insightful presentations

The NinjaOne team (Peter Bretton and Shay Mowlem) also had the privilege of presenting “5 Workplace Trends Impacting IT: Adapting to the Future of Work” during SpiceWorld 2023. Based on feedback, it was evident that the topic resonated well with the audience. Attendees not only attended the session but also flocked to the NinjaOne booth afterward to delve deeper into the insights shared.

The presentation touched on critical trends in the ever-evolving IT landscape, sparking meaningful conversations about how IT leaders can navigate these changes while optimizing efficiency and productivity.

Patching woes and solutions galore

One recurring theme that emerged from conversations with SpiceWorld attendees was the challenge of patch management. NinjaOne, as a comprehensive IT management solution, had the perfect answer to this pain point. Many attendees were already familiar with NinjaOne’s capabilities, while others were introduced to the solution for the first time.
Numerous IT professionals, including current NinjaOne customers, sought guidance on how to leverage the platform’s features to streamline their patching processes effectively. The NinjaOne team was on hand to provide insights and solutions, further solidifying the platform’s reputation as an invaluable tool for IT management.

The 5.4 release and customer feedback

One of the highlights of NinjaOne’s presence at SpiceWorld 2023 was the opportunity for current customers to share their feedback on the recent 5.4 release. Many customers stopped by the booth to express their satisfaction with the new features and enhancements. These conversations were a testament to NinjaOne’s commitment to continually improving its platform to meet the evolving needs of IT professionals.

As the curtain closed on SpiceWorld 2023, it was abundantly clear that NinjaOne had not only thrived but had also embraced the vibrant spirit of community, fostering countless meaningful interactions, hosting exciting parties, and delivering enlightening presentations that made this event an unqualified success. It was a celebration of IT professionals and the innovative solutions that empower them to tackle the challenges of the digital world. As the event came to a close, the NinjaOne team left with a deep sense of gratitude and excitement for the year ahead, knowing that they had made lasting connections and contributed to the thriving SpiceWorld community. The bonds forged at SpiceWorld 2023 will continue to strengthen, and the knowledge exchanged will fuel the ongoing pursuit of excellence in the world of IT. Until next year, when the IT community reconvenes, NinjaOne remains committed to supporting and enhancing the endeavors of IT professionals worldwide.

Next Steps

Be sure to check out the new Summer 2023 release with over 30 major improvements to our RMM, Endpoint Management and Patch Management capabilities. These features were some of the most requested enhancements by our customers that we showcased at booth 113 during the 2023 SpiceWorld IT Conference in Austin 9/5 – 9/7.

Learn more about NinjaOne, check out a live tour, or start your free trial of the NinjaOne platform.

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