NinjaOne Delivers Comprehensive Endpoint Security with Visibility and Control

Amid growing cyberthreats, NinjaOne’s platform builds resilience and confidence for IT and security teams

Austin, TX – May 6, 2024 – NinjaOne®, a leading IT platform for endpoint management, security, and visibility, today announced it has expanded its platform offerings with endpoint management, patch management, and backup capabilities. Now, organizations can easily access the visibility and control needed to ensure confidence in the face of mounting security concerns.  

Endpoints are one of the top security risks today. An estimated 70 percent of breaches stem from endpoints, and more than half of breaches happen because of unpatched software. Historically, it’s been challenging for organizations to secure their endpoints. For example, 76 percent of organizations lack patch and vulnerability management. Additionally, 50 percent of organizations have unmanaged or legacy systems accessing their networks and 44 percent have no usable backups. This leaves the door wide open for attackers to leverage an organization’s weakest link, their endpoints, to access critical data or launch a ransomware attack that can lead to downtime, loss of revenue, and severe reputational damage. 

NinjaOne gives IT and security teams the visibility and control they need to combat today’s greatest security risks, including ransomware. With NinjaOne, organizations can: 

  • Reduce risk – By gaining visibility into all devices accessing the network, IT and security teams can easily identify potential vulnerabilities and take action in real-time with NinjaOne’s patch management to make sure they are compliant and in control. Organizations are eliminating attack vectors and minimizing the attack surface by hardening their devices with NinjaOne.  
  • Combat ransomware – Organizations are leveraging NinjaOne’s cloud-first device backups, so they can protect critical data and recover quickly in the event of a successful cyberattack.   
  • Unify IT and security – NinjaOne connects security and IT, giving IT departments the visibility and tools they need to resolve security issues faster. Integrated security tools make deploying security solutions easier while also decreasing time to resolution on threats.  

“Endpoints are the IT foundation of any modern organization, but they also pose a serious risk. As organizations become more distributed, security teams need visibility into and control over the devices in their environments. They also need reliable backups to keep their business online in the event of a successful cyberattack,” said Rahul Hirani, SVP of Product Management at NinjaOne. “We’re obsessed with customer success at NinjaOne, so it was important to us to evolve our platform to deliver endpoint visibility, security, and backups to meet our customers’ needs and safeguard their organizations from today’s most sophisticated attacks.”  

Customer quotes: 

“NinjaOne saved our business. Ransomware is becoming increasingly pervasive and can wreak havoc on any organization,” said Raffi Kajverouni, President and General Manager at H.E.R.O.S. Inc. “When we were hit by a ransomware attack, we were able to restore our entire network in four days because of NinjaOne. The backup process was simple and painless, and I can’t speak highly enough of NinjaOne’s support team – their commitment to getting our business back up and running was second to none.” 

“With ransomware and other cyberattacks on the rise, good cyber hygiene is essential for the health and future of our university. Maintaining cyber hygiene across a vast, distributed network of hybrid devices can be complex and cumbersome,” said Zachary Neu, Senior Technical Support Specialist at Park University. “NinjaOne gives us comprehensive visibility of all the devices on our network, and they’ve made it simple to patch and update software on our endpoints. NinjaOne also gives us confidence and frees up our time to focus on more strategic projects.” 

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NinjaOne automates the hardest parts of IT, empowering more than 17,000 IT teams with visibility, security, and control over all endpoints. The NinjaOne platform is proven to increase productivity, while reducing risk and IT costs. NinjaOne is consistently ranked #1 for its world-class support and is the top-rated software on G2 in seven categories including endpoint management, remote monitoring and management, and patch management. 

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