Simplify Endpoint Security

Strengthen your security posture with endpoint management fundamentals

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A strong security posture begins with a solid foundation

Reduce risk

Easily identify vulnerable devices and take necessary actions to bring them back to compliance with comprehensive visibility and automated patching.

Protect and recover

Protect critical business data through endpoint backup and leverage cloud-first device backups to recover quickly from ransomware attacks.

Unify operations

Reduce silos and friction between IT and security with one console providing a single source of truth for cyber hygiene, security, and endpoint data.

Protect your organizations from cyberattacks

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Real-time visibility for all managed endpoints

Get a complete inventory and deep visibility into all endpoints on or off-network. Proactively alert your team about health and security issues.
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Effortlessly see and patch all your endpoints

Automatically identify and remediate endpoint vulnerabilities across Windows, Mac, and Linux devices at speed and scale.
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Reduce your attack surface

Harden endpoints to minimize the attack surface and eliminate as many security risks as possible.
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Create and enforce device policies at scale

Leverage policy-based management to drive device standardization, effective alerting, and automation.
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Easily patch and manage applications

Know what software is on all your endpoints in real time, add and remove programs at scale, and keep 200+ applications up-to-date automatically.
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Leverage third-party security applications

Identify unsecured devices and automatically deploy and manage leading security solutions directly from your NinjaOne console.
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Unify device management

Monitor, support, secure and control all your end-user devices, servers, virtual machines, and networking devices from a single easy-to-use interface.
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Significantly reduce patching complexity and time

Patch endpoints 90% faster with zero-touch patch identification, approval, and deployment.
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Initiate and manage reliable, cloud-first backups

Deploy and monitor backups across managed endpoints—directly from your NinjaOne console.

Flexible, cloud-native solution enables superior service and speeds ROI

Support for any device type

Fast to setup, easy to use

NinjaOne is easy to setup and use, so even inexperienced IT admins can become productive within just a few hours.

Manage and support in real time

Built for hybrid work

NinjaOne is cloud-native and requires no additional infrastructure. Manage all your devices and support all your users directly from the cloud. No VPN, no company network, and no on-site management server required.

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