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Creating Software Package

What is a DMG package?

A DMG package, also known as a disk image file, is a format commonly used on macOS for distributing software. It is essentially a mountable disk image that contains multiple files and folders, and it can be mounted on a Mac just like a physical disk. DMG files are often used to package software applications for distribution because they allow for easy installation and distribution of software.

What is a PKG package?

A PKG file, also known as a package file, is a file format used primarily on macOS for software installation. It is like the DMG format in that it contains software and related files, but the key difference is that a PKG file is a compressed archive that includes installation scripts and metadata necessary for the software installation process.

How can I install software on Mac computers using a DMG package?

Simply double-click it to open and mount it on your Mac. Once mounted, you’ll see the DMG on your desktop and in the Finder sidebar under your hard drive. Inside the DMG, you’ll find the app itself and a link to your Applications folder. To install the app, drag it into your Applications folder. After copying, you can launch the app from Launchpad or Spotlight as you would with any other app. This file format cannot be directly run from the command line, however with the appropriate scripting you can interact with the DMG file and install applications. For instance, the installation commands should first mount the file image, then the files can be extracted and then launch the install application

How can I install software on Mac computers using a PKG package?

Typically, double-click it to initiate the installation process. The built-in Apple installer application guides the user through the installation steps, which may include specifying installation location, accepting license agreements, and confirming installation options. Once the installation is complete, the software is typically ready to use. This file format can also be run from the command line and it´s more suitable for scripting.

Does NinjaOne support DMG and PKG file formats for installing software?

Yes, with NinjaOne you can create software packages containing any of these files, for deployment to your endpoints.

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Creating software package FAQs

Creating a software package refers to the process of bundling all the necessary components of a software application together for distribution and installation.
The process of creating packages for Mac computers is no different than creating software packages for Windows or Linux, aside from the installation file format.

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