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Voice of the Customer: NinjaOne’s Success Stories in Omdia’s IT Trends Report

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The landscape of IT constantly presents businesses with new challenges and opportunities. The “Leading IT Trends for 2024” report, a collaborative effort between Omdia and NinjaOne, offers a comprehensive exploration of how businesses are harnessing cutting-edge IT strategies to maintain a competitive edge. This blog delves into the report’s “Voice of the Customer” section revealing key trends and innovative solutions that are molding the future of IT, as evidenced by real-world customer success stories.

NinjaOne in action

1. Vetcor’s IT Enhancement 
Vetcor, a frontrunner in providing IT solutions for the veterinary industry, substantially improved their IT operations through a strategic partnership with NinjaOne. This collaboration was instrumental in overcoming crucial business challenges and bolstering their IT infrastructure. Ernie Turner, Vetcor’s Director of IT, emphasized NinjaOne’s critical contribution to this transformation, signifying a key turning point in their approach to IT management and operational proficiency. Their journey with NinjaOne illustrates:
Improved Security and Centralized Management: By consolidating their IT solutions under NinjaOne, Vetcor enhanced its security posture and efficiency.
Significant Savings: The adoption of NinjaOne resulted in saving an estimated 1000 hours per month and about $500k annually.

2. Medical College of Wisconsin’s IT Overhaul 
The Medical College of Wisconsin’s partnership with NinjaOne underscores a transformative journey in IT management and automation, reshaping the college’s operational landscape. Recognizing the distinct IT challenges inherent in an academic environment rich in medical education, research, and clinical activities, the college sought a solution that could adeptly handle their diverse applications and stringent security requirements. NinjaOne emerged as a comprehensive tool, addressing these needs and bringing about significant enhancements in IT operations. This collaboration led to:
Enhanced Control and Visibility: The college attained superior management capabilities across its extensive network of devices, a critical aspect for its expansive operations.
Increased Efficiency in Time and Resources: NinjaOne streamlined processes such as software deployment and patch management, leading to significant time savings and resource optimization.

A new era of IT efficiency and security

These customer stories collectively demonstrate NinjaOne’s effectiveness in enabling businesses to navigate complex IT landscapes. Whether it’s adapting to remote work, managing a vast array of devices, or ensuring top-notch security, NinjaOne has emerged as a crucial tool. The “Leading IT Trends for 2024” report not only sheds light on the current challenges and solutions in the IT world but also underscores the importance of innovative tools like NinjaOne in driving efficiency, security, and cost savings. As businesses continue to evolve in this digital era, embracing such technologies will be key to staying resilient and competitive.

Next Steps

Building an efficient and effective IT team requires a centralized solution that acts as your core service deliver tool. NinjaOne enables IT teams to monitor, manage, secure, and support all their devices, wherever they are, without the need for complex on-premises infrastructure.

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