NinjaOne Adds Image Backup, New Security Bundle to Battle Ransomware

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Kodie Dower      

Today, NinjaOne, a unified IT operations platform for MSPs and IT departments, has introduced new image backup capabilities to Ninja Data Protection, the company’s natively developed backup and disaster recovery solution. Additionally, the company is now offering Ninja Protect, a new bundled security product with BitDefender to improve users cybersecurity standards and resist ransomware. Modern businesses face a variety of downtime-causing events, whether that’s a faulty patch that requires technicians to restore a previous backup or malicious actors intent on disruption, and these new offerings make NinjaOne a single source for endpoint monitoring, management, and security.


Introducing Image Backup to Ninja Data Protection

Ninja Data Protection was originally released to market as a cloud-only, file and folder-only solution in 2020. With the introduction of image backup capabilities, Ninja Data Protection now allows for full system backup, volume-specific backups, and bare metal restores in addition to file-only backup and restores. Coinciding with the release of image backup, Ninja Data Protection now supports backing up to network attached storage (NAS), offering the flexibility to backup locally, to the cloud, or both.

By offering file backup and image backup, local and cloud storage, advanced filtering capabilities, and granular retention policies, Ninja Data Protection delivers a uniquely flexible backup solution that can be tailored to server workloads, on-site workstations, and remote laptops. Built atop NinjaOne’s intelligent endpoint management platform, Ninja Data Protection seamlessly integrates with other Ninja solutions - allowing you to monitor for health and performance problems that may indicate endpoint failure, remotely resolve issues causing backup failures, and provide end-user self-service for file restores. The result is a simplified backup process that helps users achieve security best practices and regulatory requirements.

Image backup is currently in open beta and supports Windows devices with a target general availability date of January 31st, 2022. Support for Mac backups as well as direct-to-virtual-machine restores are planned for release in 2022.


Enhance Endpoint Security with Ninja Protect

Recognizing that modern IT departments are increasingly managing the security of remote endpoints, Ninja Protect combines NinjaOne’s core endpoint management platform with security software from BitDefender for a robust solution to protect endpoints from ransomware. Ninja Protect provides a layered defense to improve prevention, detection, and remediation across each stage of modern attacks. 

With NinjaOne, users have unprecedented visibility into and control over their endpoints, allowing them to remotely configure and harden endpoints and remediate security risks. Bitdefender’s Risk Analytics module helps users identify endpoint-based security risks which NinjaOne can then resolve, further hardening endpoints. Finally, NinjaOne users have access to industry-leading patch management capabilities critical for keeping endpoints up-to-date and secure and reducing an organization’s attack surface. NinjaOne recently improved Windows patching in its 5.3 platform update and supports OS patching for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as more than 135 third-party applications, like Adobe, Google, and Microsoft. 

In the event of an attack, Bitdefender GravityZone Core, Advanced Threat Security, and Endpoint Detection & Response provide the backbone of users’ defense - providing effective prevention, detection, and response. If any data is compromised in an attack, Ninja Data Protection provides a single pane solution to quickly restore endpoints to operation.

NinjaOne’s unified IT operations platform was designed to help IT teams reduce complexity and improve efficiency. With these updates, the platform makes it easier to instantly monitor, manage, and support all devices and end-users, from anywhere. 

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5 Bite-Sized Ways to Improve Your Business Every Week

Join fellow growth-minded MSPs and feed your business with new tips and tutorials delivered straight to your inbox.