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MSP Bento: Week of 5/27/20 — Sample MSA, Cash Runway Calculator, and More

msp bento

msp bento

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Hope you’ve managed to take a breather lately. I took advantage of the holiday weekend to decompress and realized that, like many folks, I’ve been more or less running full speed since early March. I think a lot of us (vendors, clients, MSPs) have reached a point where we feel the need to pull up out of the dead sprint we’ve been maintaining and shift back to a more sustainable and strategic mindset.

Enough with the “one day at a time / just make it work for now” phase. This week’s resources will help get you thinking and planning long term again.


This week I want to…

Compare your MSA with one that was updated specifically for post-COVID [live chat + Word doc]

Have you been waiving contract clauses, making payment exceptions, etc? Do your terms adequately address WFH and cover you comfortably? Join us this Thursday, May 28 at 4pm ET | 8pm GMT for our latest MSP Live Chat. We’ll be talking all about updating your MSA for the new normal, and when you register you’ll get an example MSA to compare to your own.

Source: Us

Category: Contracts ?


Plan out recovery scenarios to help your business survive and thrive [guide]

Service Leadership has put together an extremely meaty resource that’s also ungated. It delivers some sobering projections, but also provides actionable strategies for how your team can retain and grow your revenue this year.

Source: Service Leadership

Category: Company Development ?


Calculate your MSP’s cash runway + how a recession could impact your revenue [tool]

In the guide above, Service Leadership included two different examples of a “Months of Cash” spreadsheet that MSPs can use to determine how severely the crisis might affect their finances. But they just included screenshots. ?

I decided to save you time by (re)creating them as editable spreadsheets. ?

Source: Service Leadership

Category: Finances ?


Identify new search terms to target [blog post]

Kevin Clune from MSP Growth Hacks shares data on nine IT-related search terms that have seen a serious jump in traffic through the crisis.

Source: MSP Growth Hacks

Category: Marketing ?


Learn how to create an application whitelisting policy in Windows [guide]

For all the shiny, cutting-edge security software out there (7th generation dark blockchain, anyone?), the fact is, under the right conditions, application whitelisting can still do a lot of heavy lifting.

Source: Bleeping Computer

Category: Security ?


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