MSP Bento: Week of 5/11/20 — Securing Microsoft Teams, Maze Ransomware IoCs, and More

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Hope you had a good weekend. We're fresh off our MSP Security Summit, which was a big success. Over 1,100 registered for the event, and if you missed it we'll be offering on-demand recordings from it soon.

In the meantime, it also gave me a bunch of great resources that I'll be sprinkling into these emails over the next few weeks alongside the standard mix of tips, tactics, and tools.

If you're looking for another chance to connect virtually with other MSPs, you don't have to wait long. Check out "Remote Connect," a virtual conference being hosted by SmileBack this Wednesday. There's a great lineup of sessions (including a fireside chat I'm doing with Richard Tubb), and best of all, it's supporting COVID-19 relief efforts.

Here are this week's five resources.


This week I want to...

Make sure Microsoft Teams is setup securely

If you're encouraging your clients to use Teams here's a walkthrough of configurations and controls that can harden its security. If the linked-to video is too long for you, check out the checklist here.

Source: u/msp4msps

Category: Security ?


Take a major step forward with internal security by introducing Named Accounts

Kelvin Tegelaar explains why introducing named accounts is crucial to improving audability and access control, reducing attack surface, and more. Better yet, he shares PowerShell scripts to automate that.

Source: CyberDrain

Category: Tools ?


Get threat intel on the ransomware that is costing Cognizant $50-70M

MSP heavyweight Cognizant says that the Maze ransomware attack it suffered in April is going to significantly cut into its Q2 revenue. FireEye recently released a deep dive on Maze including a host of IoCs.

Source: FireEye

Category: Security ?


Ensure Azure service is HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and/or CCPA compliant [guide]

This meaty guide walks through each of the regulations and covers all the best practices you need to know.

Source: Varonis

Category: Compliance ?


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