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Nick DeStefano

Product Marketing Manager, Backup and Ticketing
Nick DeStefano comes from a background in sales and account management and has a passion for all things product marketing. Nick leverages his Graduate degrees, consulting work, and love for marketing into a rewarding career as a product marketer with over three years experience in a variety of industries. His accomplishments range from managing a client book of over $3 million in revenue, implementing successful GTM strategy launches, and leading product repositioning strategies.

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Like all Ninja products, Ninja’s IT Ticketing System gives users many opportunities to save time through automation. Setting up automations against a tabula rasa can be a daunting task when […]

We’re excited to announce our latest collaboration with the CyberDrain Improved Partner Portal (CIPP), a highly regarded, open-source tool for Microsoft 365 monitoring and management, widely beloved within the community. […]

Staying ahead of any issues can be the difference between a swift resolution or a catastrophe. At NinjaOne, we want to arm our partners with the tools to be alerted […]

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