Automated software deployment and patching at scale

NinjaOne makes software management easy – deploy, patch, uninstall, and monitor applications on any device, anywhere.
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All-in-one remote software deployment and management


Deploy any software across any managed endpoint


Patch 200+ applications on Windows, macOS, and Linux devices


Silently uninstall applications with one click


See a complete software inventory updated in real-time


Monitor software installations and alert on unsupported installs

Easily deploy and manage applications across your endpoints

Software deployment and management is a key task for any IT team, regardless of size. NinjaOne gives you broad visibility, granular filtering, and easy automation capabilities, dramatically reducing the time you spend managing software.
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Multi-OS Support

Deploy, patch, and manage software across Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints.
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Any device, anywhere

Manage software on any device with an internet connection. No need to connect to the company network or VPN.
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Patch Automatically

Automate patching for over 200 third party software applications. Create custom packages to update additional software titles.
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Software Repository

Create custom software installation packages – even for multi-step, complex installations – and store them for easy software deployment.
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Software Monitoring

Monitor your software inventory to automatically deploy missing applications or alert on unsupported software installations.
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Mass Deploy with ease

Filter devices based on any type, location, organization, or more to deploy software to one or 1,000 endpoints at the click of a button.
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Schedule Deployments

Choose which applications go to which endpoints, or should be patched at what time intervals, through fully customizable deployment schedules.

Policy-based Management

Centralize and standardize how devices are managed with hierarchical policy-based management in NinjaOne.

Ad hoc Deployment

Should a user need an application installed right away; any installation workflow can be run ad hoc for rapid response.

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Create Reusable Software Installation Packages

The NinjaOne Software Package Repository serves as a home for workflows you build to execute complex software installations. It’s a convenient hub for storing and easily reusing these workflow bundles repeatedly.

Run installations from anywhere
Run Software Installation Packages as part of a scheduled task, ad hoc, from within a policy, or as an automation triggered by a condition threshold.

Include helper files
Insert license keys or configuration files right in the Installation Package.

Specify software to run pre/post install
Indicate what software or scripts should run before or after the main software is installed.

Ensure installation package security
Each Installation Package is scanned for malware before it is stored in the Automation Library.

Add your own icon to quickly find Package
To locate an often-used Software Package quickly, you can give it its own icon to find it easily.

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Ready to Automate More?

As IT teams face an ever-increasing workload, it becomes paramount to uncover efficiencies. Our IT Manager’s Guide to Embracing an Automation Mindset offers invaluable insights to help you and your team foster a culture of automation within your organization, leading to substantial time and cost savings in the long run.


Software deployment is the process of rolling out software and applications to endpoint devices. This process makes the software available to users and other programs on the devices. There are three main stages of software deployment: preparation, testing, and deployment.

A software deployment tool is a software solution that streamlines the process of software deployment through scheduling or automation. It also enables IT teams to track and monitor the entire software deployment process, providing necessary information for troubleshooting and managing deployments. The purpose of a software deployment tool is to organize, streamline, and improve software deployments for greater IT efficiency, enabling IT teams to focus on more critical tasks.

The three main stages of software deployment are preparation, testing, and deployment. Within each of these stages, there are many processes and steps IT professionals go through to ensure that software is safe, secure, and ready to deploy. 

When searching for a software deployment tool, one of the first features IT professionals search for is automation. By automating software deployment, IT teams can reduce manual tasks, streamline operations, and boost their IT efficiency. In today’s fast-paced world of IT, no one has the time to manually manage software deployments, so automation is an essential feature for software deployment solutions.

Even though every IT team is unique, there are a few main features that you can look for when finding your new software deployment tool. As you sift through all the software deployment solutions on the market, look for tools that offer automation, scalability, monitoring and alerting, and multi-OS support. It’s also important to find a software deployment tool that’s easy to use with an intuitive interface, such as a single pane of glass solution. 

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