What Is ISV (independent Software Vendor)?

There are numerous abbreviations and acronyms that IT professionals use on a daily basis. One such term is Independent Software Vendor (ISV). This blog post will delve into the depths of what an ISV is, its importance, types, and the benefits it offers.

What is ISV?

An Independent Software Vendor (ISV) is a company that specializes in making and selling software. This software is typically intended for mass or niche markets, as opposed to custom software created for a specific client.

Why is an ISV certification important?

ISV certification is crucial as it assures customers that the software they are purchasing meets certain standards of quality and compatibility. It gives customers confidence in the product, knowing it has been tested and certified by a trusted third party.

Types of ISV partnerships

There are several types of ISV partnerships, each with its own unique advantages.

Direct ISV partnership

Direct partnerships represent a form of collaboration where software gets sold directly to the end user. This approach implies that Independent Software Vendors handle all aspects related to the sale, including customer service, marketing, and technical support. It allows for the establishment of a more personal relationship with the client, offering greater control over the product’s image and reputation.

Indirect ISV partnership

Indirect partnerships involve the use of intermediaries, such as resellers or distributors, in the sale of software products. By leveraging these third parties, Independent Software Vendors can extend their reach and penetrate markets they might not be able to access on their own. While this type of partnership may reduce direct control over customer relationships, it provides a broader distribution network, potentially leading to increased sales.

Marketplace ISV partnership

Marketplace partnerships refer to collaborations with online platforms where software products get listed for sale. These platforms serve as a digital storefront for Independent Software Vendors, providing them with access to a vast customer base. They offer increased visibility and the potential for higher sales volumes. However, they also come with competition from other vendors on the same platform.

Benefits of ISV

Increased market reach

ISVs can significantly increase their market reach through partnerships. By collaborating with other companies, they can access new customers and markets that they might not be able to reach on their own.

Enhanced product offering

By integrating their software with other products or platforms, ISVs can enhance their product offering. This can make their software more appealing to customers and help them stand out from the competition.

Greater revenue opportunities

With an expanded market reach and enhanced product offering, ISVs have greater opportunities to increase their revenue. They can sell more software, generate more recurring revenue, and potentially attract larger customers.


Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) play a crucial role in the software industry. Their products and services enhance the capabilities of existing platforms, provide solutions to niche markets, and contribute to the overall growth and advancement of the technology ecosystem. Whether you are a customer looking for quality software solutions, or a business seeking to extend your reach and offerings, ISVs offer numerous benefits.

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