Secure Your Business-Critical Data with Enterprise-Level Data Protection

Designed to seamlessly scale at the enterprise level, NinjaOne Backup gives enterprises full control over backups and restores without the hassle of constant endpoint monitoring.

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Fortify Your Data with NinjaOne Backup

Personalized Storage Options that Fit Your Business


Enterprise businesses have different needs than SMBs, so Ninja provides several options to store your most important data. With cloud-only, local-only, or hybrid storage options, all your servers and employee endpoints can be backed up and data can be protected off-site regardless. Sleep soundly knowing your data is being stored quickly, conveniently, and securely.

Backup Anywhere You or Your Employees Go


Antiquated backup solutions force endpoints to be connected to the company network either physically or with a VPN, preventing protection outside of their four walls. Ninja enables you to backup any endpoint with an internet connection, whether connected to the company network or not, ensuring your data is protected, regardless of where your team is located.  

Combat Disasters with Rapid Recovery


Whether it’s a natural disaster or a ransomware attack, you need a solution that is ready for the unexpected. Ninja allows you to restore files either locally or from the cloud, quickly, so you can minimize downtime. Secure cloud-based archives provide an additional layer of protection to prevent corrupted or deleted local backups from affecting your business.  

Fully Automated Backups at Scale


With an emphasis on removing a ‘hand-holding’ approach to backups, the NinjaOne Backup agent deploys 100% automatically after it is enabled. Once this occurs, any backup policies that are set will be distributed across your endpoints and fully automate their backups at scale allowing you to securely protect your data without the headache.  

Why NinjaOne Backup?

Seamless Single-Pane Experience

IT teams hate to waste time switching between platforms to perform their daily activities. At the enterprise-level, wasting time like this is compounded across hundreds and even thousands of employees, hindering work efficiency. NinjaOne Backup is built seamlessly into NinjaOne and fully managed right from the dashboard.

Rapid Restore Times

Reach your RTO goals by significantly reducing the time it takes to restore your servers and endpoints. Regardless of the restore source – local storage or the cloud – get back to work faster with fewer delays and have the confidence that Ninja will deliver what you need.

Smooth Setup

Backing up and restoring some of the most important information to your business should not make your life harder, it should make it easier. Ninja is a ‘set-and-forget’ backup solution meaning we make sure everything is running smoothly for you. If not, you’ll be the first one to know with automated notifications to help you fix the problem ASAP.

Made for Scale


Endpoints Managed

40+ B

datapoints processed per day

900 M

endpoint actions deployed per day


endpoints in a single tenant


Support requests handled per day



“NinjaOne backup is a ‘set and forget’ solution. From planning to deployment, we found NinjaOne Backup to be easier and more intuitive than our previous solution. With just a few clicks we can rely on Ninja to protect client data without spending hours per day babysitting the solution.”

Alan Parkin

VP of Technology and Services, DSN group


NinjaOne Backup is a data backup and recovery solution designed for IT departments and MSPs. Using NinjaOne Backup, IT departments are able to store, secure, and recover data from anywhere and at any time. To ensure that you never miss a backup, IT professionals automate and schedule their regular backups using the NinjaOne platform. When you partner with NinjaOne, you can adopt a “set it and forget it” mindset for data backups.

From personalized storage options to fully automated backup processes, NinjaOne Backup offers everything you need to keep your critical business data safe. The main features of Ninja Data Protection are cloud-only, local-only, or hybrid storage options, fully automated backups, multiple restoration processes, and more all from a single pane of glass.

NinjaOne is dedicated to keeping your data safe and secure regardless of its location, which is why NinjaOne Backup allows users to securely back up data with any internet connection from any location.

No IT team ever wants to deal with data loss, and if they use NinjaOne Backup, they won’t have to. NinjaOne Backup protects against the consequences of data loss, damage, or deletion. With regular backups, IT teams ensure that critical data is always available, complete, and accessible. In addition, NinjaOne also protects against data theft and ransomware to ensure that confidential data always remains in the right hands.

NinjaOne realizes that every business has unique data storage needs, so NinjaOne Backup offers cloud-only, local-only, or hybrid storage options for IT teams. IT teams can back up all their servers, endpoints, and other important data from NinjaOne’s centralized console.

Whatever kind of data storage you need for your organization, NinjaOne has you covered. Try NinjaOne Backup and its storage options today with a free trial.

Yes, users can schedule automatic backups with NinjaOne’s backup software. From the NinjaOne platform, users set up backup policies that are 100% automated to ensure that backups are never skipped or missed again.

To certify that backups do not affect end-users and their workflows, it’s recommended to schedule them during off-peak hours when possible. Watch this free backup demo to see NinjaOne Backup and its automation features in action.

In today’s fast-paced world, no IT team has the time to manually back up data. With NinjaOne, users can automate all their backup processes and adopt a “set it and forget it” mindset. Created with IT departments and MSPs in mind, NinjaOne is a unified IT platform that gives users the tools they need to automate backup, endpoint management, RMM, and more. Automate all your backup processes with NinjaOne today.

NinjaOne Backup can back up multiple types of data, including files and folders, systems, applications, and server data. With file and folder or image backup options, NinjaOne gives users the opportunity to choose the best backup method for their data needs. If a data disaster strikes, IT teams rely on NinjaOne to get systems up and running by retrieving their data quickly and securely. Protect all your valuable data and get started with NinjaOne today.

In the event of a disaster, ransomware attack, or any other loss, how can I restore my files?
NinjaOne Backup helps IT teams meet all their RTO and RPO goals by offering fast and secure restore options. Some of Ninja’s available restore options are bare metal restores, end-user self-service file recovery, web-based file restores, and more. Additionally, NinjaOne allows organizations to retrieve data locally or from the cloud so that all IT teams, regardless of whether they are on-premise or remote, can access the data they require. Minimize downtime, secure critical data, and protect your IT environment with NinjaOne.

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