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Sal Sferlazza      

Today marks a special milestone in the evolution of Ninja. Visiting the website, you will notice that the familiar NinjaRMM logo has been replaced with our new company name: NinjaOne. At a high level, the reasoning behind the name change is fairly obvious and straightforward — over the past two years we have grown into a multi-product company that offers more than just remote monitoring and management software.

But there’s also more to it than that. With the introduction of Ninja Data Protection, Ninja Ticketing, and Ninja Documentation, not only have we added to our product line, we’ve also evolved into a platform that unifies IT operations and empowers our partners to tackle today’s shifting IT challenges in a more efficient, holistic way.

As the company has grown, so has the vision, and, for those interested, I’d like to reflect back on how we got here before looking ahead and sharing a bit of what we’re excited to provide our partners with next.

When we set out to launch NinjaRMM eight years ago, we saw a market that was ripe for disruption. Our mission was simple: Build a cloud-native RMM solution that was faster, more intuitive, and backed by world-class support.

Our mission is to simplify IT operations, making IT teams more efficient and users more productive.

In essence, we set out to build a better mousetrap, and the early success of NinjaRMM confirmed that the appetite for a better solution was there.

Once we had our foothold, we set our sights higher and challenged ourselves with making NinjaRMM the best RMM on the market. It’s an effort we continue to invest in with every new release (in accordance with our mantra of relentless, incremental innovation), and it’s been incredibly rewarding to see those efforts reflected in our partners rating NinjaRMM as the #1 RMM on G2 for 10 consecutive quarters and counting.

At our core, we’re builders. So, naturally, as we worked with our partners and became increasingly familiar with their challenges, tools, and workflows, we found ourselves imagining how we could apply our approach to RMM to adjacent products in their stacks. Not only could we provide them with better, faster, more intuitive alternatives, we could also help them leverage the benefits of native integration, stack consolidation, and single-pane management.

We took the plunge with Ninja Data Protection, and soon followed with Ticketing, Documentation, and two additional products that will be added to the platform in 2022. We started out with products that are familiar to our partners, but looking forward, one of the most exciting things about our shift to a “NinjaOne” mindset is that we’re extending our vision beyond simply making better versions of existing solutions. Instead, we’re challenging ourselves to think more broadly. What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing today’s MSPs and IT departments? What solutions can we come up with when we stop applying the answers to traditional product silos and start thinking in terms of providing a truly unified IT operations platform? What new things can we help our partners achieve via more cohesive integrations and orchestration? How can we leverage the interplay between the products we offer in transformative new ways?

This truly is an exciting time, because we see a vast amount of untapped potential for innovation with our platform, and in endpoint and end-user management, in general. Though we’ve come quite a long way from our scrappy upstart days, you can be sure that the engineering-focused and customer-first mentality that got us here remains firmly intact.

Heading into this new phase as NinjaOne, we’re more energized than ever, and continue to be deeply focused on serving our partners in all the ways they’ve come to expect. Thank you to everyone who has carried us this far. I couldn’t be more excited to continue growing together in the months and years ahead.

5 Bite-Sized Ways to Improve Your Business Every Week

Join fellow growth-minded MSPs and feed your business with new tips and tutorials delivered straight to your inbox.