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TeamLogic IT and NinjaOne Announce Groundbreaking Partnership

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We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between TeamLogic IT, a leader in managed IT services, and NinjaOne, an innovator in scalable IT management solutions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the IT industry, signifying a joint commitment to excellence and innovation. 

TeamLogic IT: Pioneers in managed IT services

TeamLogic IT, headquartered in Mission Viejo, California, has established itself as a pioneer in the managed IT services industry. Since its inception, TeamLogic IT has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive and client-focused IT solutions. Known for their expertise in helping businesses with diverse technology needs, TeamLogic IT has built a reputation as a reliable and innovative service provider. Their services have been instrumental in aiding companies to navigate through challenging periods, such as transitioning to remote workforces during the pandemic, underscoring their role as a trusted partner in their clients’ success.

Redefining IT management

NinjaOne has emerged as a game-changer in the IT world with its scalable, future-proof solutions. Their platform is built on modern SaaS architecture, designed to evolve, and grow with the changing landscape of IT needs. This adaptability makes NinjaOne an ideal partner for businesses looking to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of technology.

The partnership’s first major undertaking was migrating 100,000 devices to NinjaOne’s platform within a staggering 90-day window. This ambitious project was not just about transferring data; it was about ensuring continuity, security, and efficiency across a vast network of devices, each critical to the operations of TeamLogic IT’s clients.

“Moving 100,000 devices in 90 days is no small feat….We couldn’t do it without a remote monitoring and management tool like NinjaOne.”
Dan Shapiro, President/COO

The success of this massive migration is a testament to the seamless collaboration between TeamLogic IT and NinjaOne. The process was meticulously planned and executed, with a focus on minimizing disruption to clients while maximizing the effectiveness of the new platform. The teams worked tirelessly to ensure that every device was transitioned smoothly, maintaining the highest standards of security and functionality.

A vision for the future

This partnership is more than a one-time project; it’s a long-term vision for the future of IT management. With NinjaOne, TeamLogic IT is now poised to offer even more robust and flexible IT solutions to their clients. The scalability of NinjaOne’s platform means that as TeamLogic IT continues to grow and add devices to their network, they can do so with the confidence that their IT infrastructure can expand seamlessly alongside their business.

“The deployment and onboarding process from our perspective went very smooth. If I had to grade the change management process, I’d give it a solid ten.”
Michael Rogan, Vice President, Managed Services & Technology

Looking forward, TeamLogic IT and NinjaOne are committed to continuous innovation and growth. This partnership will allow both companies to leverage their strengths, developing new solutions and strategies to meet the ever-evolving needs of the IT industry.

A partnership built on shared values

What truly sets this partnership apart is the shared values of TeamLogic IT and NinjaOne. Both companies are deeply committed to providing exceptional service, building trust, and fostering long-term relationships with their clients. This alignment in ethos and vision is the foundation upon which this partnership is built.

The partnership between TeamLogic IT and NinjaOne is a landmark moment in the IT industry. It represents a synergy of expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence. We are excited to see the incredible advancements and successes that will undoubtedly emerge from this collaboration.

Read the full story to learn more about how TeamLogic manages more than 100,000 devices with NinjaOne.

Next Steps

Building an efficient and effective IT team requires a centralized solution that acts as your core service deliver tool. NinjaOne enables IT teams to monitor, manage, secure, and support all their devices, wherever they are, without the need for complex on-premises infrastructure.

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