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Streamlining IT Management: NinjaOne’s Partnership with Patra Corporation


In the dynamic world of modern business, the growth of organizations often brings forth both opportunities and challenges. For Patra Corporation, a pioneering provider of technology-enabled insurance outsourcing solutions, rapid expansion translated into the need for a more streamlined and scalable IT management approach. With the help of NinjaOne, an all-in-one unified IT management platform, Patra embarked on a transformative journey that not only simplified their IT operations, but also set the stage for enhanced productivity and innovation.

The challenge of scaling IT management

As businesses experience rapid growth, the challenge of scaling IT management becomes increasingly evident. The intricate web of devices, software and networks that support an organization’s operations can quickly become overwhelming, leading to inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities and strained resources. According to a survey conducted by Flexera, 62% of organizations reported that managing software licenses across their networks posed a significant challenge as they scaled.

Additionally, the increasing complexity of IT infrastructures and the need for seamless collaboration among different departments have highlighted the limitations of traditional, fragmented IT management solutions. The demand for streamlined operations, effective cybersecurity measures and a unified approach to IT management has prompted organizations to seek comprehensive solutions that can adapt and scale with their growth. This challenge is further emphasized by the complexity of modern IT environments, which often encompass a mix of on-premises and cloud-based systems, as noted by Gartner’s research on the future of IT infrastructure. As organizations continue to expand, the need for a cohesive and scalable IT management solution becomes a critical factor in maintaining operational efficiency and security.

As a recognized leader in the insurance technology landscape, Patra Corporation has redefined how insurance companies interact with their customers and manage policies. The company’s remarkable success, highlighted by its consecutive appearances on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies, is a testament to its innovative spirit. With over 6,000 employees spanning across North America, India and the Philippines, Patra’s global footprint continues to expand. However, with rapid growth comes the inevitable challenge of managing a growing number of endpoints efficiently.

“We needed to hire to keep pace with the rest of the company.”
Kyle Thompson, Patra’s Manager of Global Infrastructure Operations

The complexity and inefficiency of managing multiple IT products created hurdles for the IT team. Their existing infrastructure consisted of a patchwork of five legacy IT products which hindered seamless scalability.

Streamlining IT operations with unified efficiency

Faced with the need for a centralized, scalable and user-friendly IT management solution, Patra turned to NinjaOne. This innovative platform offers a comprehensive suite of features, including desktop management, remote management, software deployment and patch management. The appeal of NinjaOne lies in its capacity to unify multiple functionalities within a single, user-friendly dashboard.

“The exciting thing about NinjaOne is that it is a one-stop shop.”
John Kavati, Global Director of IT Operations at Patra

The platform’s capabilities rival those of more expensive solutions, making it an ideal fit for Patra’s aspirations. The transition to NinjaOne was remarkably swift and seamless, thanks to the platform’s user-friendly interface and robust support resources.

Revolutionizing IT management through automation

The landscape of IT management is undergoing a profound transformation through the power of automation. Automation has become a driving force in reshaping traditional IT operations, allowing organizations to streamline processes, enhance efficiency and allocate resources more strategically. According to a study by McKinsey, automation technologies can potentially save businesses up to 20% of their IT budget. This revolution is evident in the increasing adoption of tools like NinjaOne, which offer comprehensive automation capabilities ranging from software deployment to patch management. As highlighted by Deloitte, automation can significantly reduce human intervention in routine tasks, minimizing errors and freeing up IT professionals to focus on more strategic initiatives. The shift toward automation is not only driven by efficiency but also by the growing complexity of IT environments. The integration of various systems, devices, and applications demands a proactive approach to management, which automation readily provides. The impact of automation is also felt in cybersecurity, with automated threat detection and response becoming essential to counter the sophistication of modern cyber threats. As organizations increasingly recognize the benefits of automation, the IT landscape is evolving into a more agile, responsive, and secure environment, creating a new era in IT management.

NinjaOne’s impact on Patra’s IT operations was nothing short of transformative. The platform’s automation capabilities emerged as a game-changer, allowing the IT team to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency. The automation features eliminated repetitive manual tasks, enabling the IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.
Before NinjaOne, Kyle Thompson projected the need to ramp up hiring based on growth trends. However, NinjaOne’s automations led to significant resource optimization.

“Because of NinjaOne’s feature set, automations, and overall simplicity, we were not only able to save hundreds of human-hours of manual work, we were able to effectively eliminate the workload equivalent to that of eighteen full-time technicians per major deployment.”
Kyle Thompson, Patra’s Manager of Global Infrastructure Operations

This efficiency translated into increased employee satisfaction, professional development opportunities and enhanced work-life balance. One instance that exemplified NinjaOne’s prowess was the deployment of a new VPN to around 5,000 endpoints in India. What would have taken months and considerable manual effort was accomplished in about two days through automation scripts. The efficiency gains extended across various aspects of IT management. NinjaOne’s ability to automate workstation policies, antivirus management, patch management and auditing resulted in substantial time savings.

A vision realized

For Patra Corporation, the transition to NinjaOne was not merely a technological upgrade; it was a strategic move that aligned with their commitment to innovation and efficiency. The unified solution streamlined IT operations, enhanced productivity and enabled the IT team to deliver exceptional service to the company’s employees.

“Patra employees are happy with the services we’re giving them because we’re able to do it faster, better and with very little interference with their work. These are things we could never do as efficiently before. NinjaOne has made business life simpler.”
Kyle Thompson, Patra’s Manager of Global Infrastructure Operations

The profound impact extended beyond operational efficiency, enabling employees to strike a balance between work and personal life. In conclusion, the partnership between NinjaOne and Patra Corporation is a testament to the transformative power of innovative IT solutions. The story of Patra’s journey from complex IT management to streamlined efficiency serves as an inspiration for organizations navigating rapid growth. As businesses continue to evolve, the collaboration between forward-thinking technology providers and visionary organizations like Patra paves the way for a more efficient, productive, and balanced future.

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