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Patch all your Windows endpoints and applications automatically and at scale to secure your IT estate.

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Windows Patch Management: Ensuring Patch Compliance Has Never Been Simpler

Patch Windows, Mac and Linux

Consistently patch all your Windows, macOS and Linux endpoints to ensure compliance.

Easily patch remote endpoints

NinjaOne is cloud-based and agent-deployed so you can patch any endpoint with an internet connection, no VPN required.

Reduce patching time by 90%

Save valuable technician time and reduce risk of human error by fully-automating the patching process.

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The Way Windows Patching Should Be

Patching consistency is a critical step towards maintaining a strong security posture. NinjaOne provides clear visibility into your organization’s overall patch status and enables faster identification and mitigation of software vulnerabilities.

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Visibility Into Overall Patch Status

Leverage NinjaOne’s intuitive patching dashboard to quickly view patch status for all Windows, macOS and Linux endpoints.

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Speed Patching to Free-up Time

Improve consistency and patch endpoints up to 90% faster leveraging NinjaOne’s powerful automation and flexible scheduling options.

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Cloud-first, Agent-based

Get better patch compliance for remote endpoints via cloud-based patching. No company network, domain, or VPN required. Learn More
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Easy Remediation

Use NinjaOne’s built-in remote terminal, registry editor, and remote access tools to remediate patching and other device issues.

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Prevent Zero Days

Use pre-emptive patch approvals to avoid service outages by automatically blocking problem patches.

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Reboot Management

Improve patch compliance by automating reboots with customized end-user commun-ication and behavior-based reboot prompts.
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Vulnerability Data

Get visibility into endpoint security with per-patch data on known vulnerabilities including KB articles, CVE bulletins, and CVSS scores.
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Speed Remediation Efforts

Instantly notify technicians via email, SMS, Slack, and other channels of pending or failed patches for faster remediation. 
Learn More

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Easy, Detailed Patch Reporting

Gain clear visibility into failed patch deployments, known endpoint vulnerabilities, and overall patch compliance status. Learn More

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Not just Windows patch management

NinjaOne keeps your entire IT infrastructure up-to-date and secure by automating patch management for Windows, Windows Server, macOS, and Linux operating systems. You’ll save time and reduce complexity by having a single solution for all your patching needs.

A Screenshot of the NinjaOne dashboard showing patching of third-party applications.

Patch a wide variety of popular third-party applications

NinjaOne’s Windows patch management software includes robust support for over 140 of the most common application used today. Automatically install and patch these applications across individual devices, groups, or organizations.

A screenshot of the NinjaOne dashboard showing the OS patches installed

Manage All Your Windows Devices' Patch Status from One Central Hub with Windows Patch Manager

NinjaOne provides a dashboard showing the patch status of all your devices under management. See which devices have pending patches, failed patches, and installed patches in an easy-to-read dashboard.

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Download the 2023 Patch Management Buyer’s Guide

Download this guide to purchasing patch management, and see why NinjaOne Patch Management is consistently rated #1.

A screenshot of the NinjaOne patch management Reporting section

Windows security vulnerability patch reporting

NinjaOne provides beautiful, presentation-ready reports. You’ll be able to report on patch compliance status, security vulnerabilities, and much more at the click of a button.

A screenshot of the NinjaOne Windows Patch Management

Easily configure your Windows patch management settings

NinjaOne’s Windows patching tool allows you to take complete control over your Windows patch management settings.

You can set automatic patch approval settings for each patch type and criticality.

You also get full control over scanning and updating schedules, reboot options, and more.

Got 5 minutes?

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Windows Patch Management FAQs

Windows patch management is the systematic process of managing updates for Windows operating systems and applications. This includes Windows server patching, which specifically targets updates for Windows Server environments, ensuring that servers remain secure and operate efficiently. Windows patching is a broader term that covers the updating process for all Windows-based systems, not just servers. It’s crucial for fixing security vulnerabilities, optimizing system performance, and adding new features. Together, these processes form a comprehensive approach to maintaining the health and security of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Regular and diligent patch management is key to protecting systems from cyber threats and ensuring smooth operations.
The benefits of Windows patching are multifaceted, significantly enhancing the security and performance of Windows systems. Through Windows patch management, organizations can systematically apply critical updates, which helps to protect against cyber threats by addressing vulnerabilities as they are discovered. Utilizing a Windows patch manager simplifies this process by automating the tracking and deployment of updates, ensuring that all systems are consistently up-to-date. Moreover, patch management for windows contributes to maintaining system stability, improving functionality, and ensuring compliance with industry standards, ultimately leading to a more secure and efficient computing environment. Regular and diligent patch management is key to protecting systems from cyber threats and ensuring smooth operations.
The main difference between Windows Update and a Patch Management tool is their intended use and capabilities. Windows Update is a component of the Windows operating system designed to keep Windows computers updated with the latest patches and security fixes directly from Microsoft. It’s suitable for individual users or small networks. In contrast, Windows patch management software is designed for larger organizations and provides a more robust set of features. These tools allow IT administrators to manage and deploy updates across multiple systems and applications, not just Windows updates. They offer scheduling, reporting, and compliance management features, which are essential for Windows server patch management and maintaining the security and efficiency of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Windows patch management tools provide a centralized platform for administrators to control the entire patching process, ensuring that all systems, including servers, desktops, and mobile devices, are up-to-date and secure.
To automate Windows patching, you can utilize Windows patch management tools that streamline the update process across your network. For instance, how to do patching in windows can be simplified with the use of Microsoft’s Windows Autopatch service, which automates updates to Windows PCs and devices, including Windows, Microsoft 365 Apps, and Edge. This service allows for ring-based deployment and sequenced rollouts, catching issues before they affect your entire network. Additionally, patch management windows can be further automated using PowerShell scripts or third-party patch management software, which offer more granular control over the deployment of updates, scheduling, and reporting, ensuring that all systems are kept secure and up-to-date with minimal manual intervention
Managing patches on Windows systems is crucial for maintaining security and stability. Keeping abreast of Microsoft’s regular updates allows you to pinpoint and prioritize the necessary patches for your Windows devices. While critical security patches take precedence, those addressing bugs or enhancing functionalities are also significant. Before rolling out patches widely, it’s imperative to test them in a controlled environment to ensure compatibility and effectiveness. Schedule deployments during non-working hours to minimize disruptions. After successful installations, conducting thorough reviews and generating reports are essential for compliance maintenance. Leveraging a comprehensive tool like NinjaOne streamlines patch management by enabling patch scheduling, updates, and reporting, providing a centralized solution for efficient Windows patch management.

To manage Windows patches using a patch management tool like NinjaOne, you would begin by evaluating the current patch levels of the devices within your network. Establish policies for patching that give precedence to essential updates and arrange for patch installations during times that are least likely to interfere with business operations. It’s important to test the patches in a controlled setting to check for any compatibility issues before applying them broadly. NinjaOne streamlines the patch deployment process, offering automated distribution across your devices, and it also provides continuous monitoring. This is complemented by detailed reporting features that help maintain oversight of compliance and the overall security framework. In the event of patching failures, it’s vital to address these promptly and to perform routine checks to confirm that all devices are consistently updated. Utilizing NinjaOne’s Patch Management Software can lead to an effective and centralized approach to maintaining the security and functionality of your Windows infrastructure.

NinjaOne Patch Management Software offers automated patch management, cloud-based deployment, multi-platform support, customizable patch schedules, reboot management, real-time monitoring, and reporting. With its ease of use and effectiveness in reducing workload, NinjaOne streamlines patching processes, enhances security, and ensures compliance across Windows, macOS, and Linux devices.

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