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Windows Patch Management Made Easy (and Automated)

Patch all your Windows endpoints and applications automatically and at scale to secure your IT estate.

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Maintaining patch compliance has never been easier

Patch Windows, Mac and Linux

Consistently patch all your Windows, macOS and Linux endpoints to ensure compliance.

Easily patch remote endpoints

NinjaOne is cloud-based and agent-deployed so you can patch any endpoint with an internet connection, no VPN required.

Reduce patching time by 90%

Save valuable technician time and reduce risk of human error by fully-automating the patching process.

The Way Windows Patching Should Be

Patching consistency is a critical step towards maintaining a strong security posture. NinjaOne provides clear visibility into your organization’s overall patch status and enables faster identification and mitigation of software vulnerabilities.

Patching dashboard icon

Visibility Into Overall Patch Status

Leverage NinjaOne’s intuitive patching dashboard to quickly view patch status for all Windows, macOS and Linux endpoints.

Application patching icon

Speed Patching to Free-up Time

Improve consistency and patch endpoints up to 90% faster leveraging NinjaOne’s powerful automation and flexible scheduling options.

Cloud-first icon

Cloud-first, Agent-based

Get better patch compliance for remote endpoints via cloud-based patching. No company network, domain, or VPN required. Learn More
Remediation icon

Easy Remediation

Use NinjaOne’s built-in remote terminal, registry editor, and remote access tools to remediate patching and other device issues.

Approval icon

Prevent Zero Days

Use pre-emptive patch approvals to avoid service outages by automatically blocking problem patches.

Reboot icon

Reboot Management

Improve patch compliance by automating reboots with customized end-user commun-ication and behavior-based reboot prompts.
Data icon

Vulnerability Data

Get visibility into endpoint security with per-patch data on known vulnerabilities including KB articles, CVE bulletins, and CVSS scores.
Alerts icon

Speed Remediation Efforts

Instantly notify technicians via email, SMS, Slack, and other channels of pending or failed patches for faster remediation. 
Learn More

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Easy, Detailed Patch Reporting

Gain clear visibility into failed patch deployments, known endpoint vulnerabilities, and overall patch compliance status. Learn More

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Not just Windows patch management

NinjaOne keeps your entire IT infrastructure up-to-date and secure by automating patch management for Windows, Windows Server, macOS, and Linux operating systems. You’ll save time and reduce complexity by having a single solution for all your patching needs.

Screenshot of NinjaOne dashboard showing patching of third-party applications.

Patch a wide variety of popular third-party applications

NinjaOne’s Windows patch management software includes robust support for over 140 of the most common application used today. Automatically install and patch these applications across individual devices, groups, or organizations.

See the patch status of all your Windows devices in one place

NinjaOne provides a dashboard showing the patch status of all your devices under management. See which devices have pending patches, failed patches, and installed patches in an easy-to-read dashboard.

Download the 2023 Patch Management Buyer’s Guide

Download this guide to purchasing patch management, and see why NinjaOne Patch Management is consistently rated #1.

Windows security vulnerability patch reporting

NinjaOne provides beautiful, presentation-ready reports. You’ll be able to report on patch compliance status, security vulnerabilities, and much more at the click of a button.

Easily configure your Microsoft Windows patch settings

NinjaOne allows you to take complete control over your Windows patch management settings. You can set automatic patch approval settings for each patch type and criticality. You also get full control over scanning and updating schedules, reboot options, and more.

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NinjaOne’s Patch Management Best Practices Guide provides insight into when to schedule patching scans and updates, how to configure patching approvals, the most common patching profiles, and more. Click here to get the guide.

There are many types of Windows patches, including security updates, regular updates, feature updates, and definitions. Each of these patch types can be further divided by severity supersedence, and rollup.
Patch policies enable you to optimize and automate patching across endpoints at scale while ad-hoc management gives you the flexibility and speed needed to deploy critical updates quickly.
NinjaOne patch management automatically identifies and remediates vulnerabilities across your entire IT portfolio at speed and scale from a single pane of glass – no infrastructure required. It allows you to secure all of your endpoints, automate OS and third-party application patching, manage endpoints on- and off-network, save time through automation, and get real-time visibility into patch compliance.
Server patching is the process of fixing or updating servers by installing patches. Server patches are deployed mainly to strengthen security, but they can also be used to upgrade software and improve user experience. Patching servers can be a tedious process, especially since servers are used by a larger population than workstations or single devices. Using NinjaOne’s patch management solution, you can make server patching simple and easy by automating patching processes, setting up alerts and notifications, utilizing various remediation tools, analyzing vulnerability data, and much more.
NinjaOne’s patch management software supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems. NinjaOne is known for its OS patching stability, reliability, and efficiency. Identify vulnerabilities, automate patching processes, and deploy patches at scale all from a single pane of glass with NinjaOne.
NinjaOne patch management is a cloud-first, agent-based solution that makes patching a faster, easier, and more efficient process. Automate patching processes, reduce workloads, improve remediation times, receive instant notifications, analyze vulnerability data, prevent zero days, and much more with NinjaOne patch management. Additionally, thanks to NinjaOne’s single pane of glass software, you are able to gain the necessary visibility into all patching-related tasks or processes with ease.

If your current patch management system is slow, inefficient, time-consuming, and complicated, it’s time to switch to NinjaOne. NinjaOne’s patch management solution automates OS and application patching so you can spend 90% less time patching and more time focusing on other tasks. Patch Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems with ease from a centralized, easy-to-use platform, and gain access to alert/notification features, remediation tools, and pre-emptive patch approval. Start your

NinjaOne provides flexible, per-device pricing for their patch management software. When you sign up for NinjaOne, you pay monthly only for what you need. With NinjaOne patch management software, you gain access to automated OS and application patching, remediation tools, reboot management, alerting and notification features, and more. Visit the pricing page and input your information to receive your custom quote for patch management software today.

NinjaOne’s patch management tool is 100% cloud-based, meaning that there is no infrastructure or VPN required. Using NinjaOne’s patching tools, IT teams can make patching a stable, quick, and simple process. Some of NinjaOne’s most popular features include automated OS patching for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, automated application patching, custom patch scan and deployment schedules, remediation tools, reboot management, patch reporting, and alerting or notification features. If you’re searching for a tool that will make patching faster, easier, and more efficient, NinjaOne is your top choice!

NinjaOne patch management is not open-source software. Open-source software has a source code that anyone can view and change. Although open-source software can be a cost-effective solution for smaller businesses, it does not provide all the tools and features necessary for IT teams and growing MSPs. Like any other tool, open source software has its pros and cons, but if you need a patch management software that works for any IT environment, NinjaOne is your go-to solution.
Patch management is the process of creating, testing, and deploying software updates to various endpoints.

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