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What Is Live Migration?

The world of information technology is replete with innovative solutions and systems that continue to redefine the scope of operations. Among these, one concept that has gained substantial traction is live migration.

What is live migration?

Live migration refers to the process of moving a running virtual machine or application between different physical machines without disconnecting the client or application. Memory, storage, and network connectivity of the virtual machine are transferred from the original guest machine to the destination.

How does live migration work?

Live migration represents a process in which the transfer of a functioning virtual machine or application occurs from one physical machine to another, without causing any interruption to the client or application. This transfer includes the memory, storage, and network connectivity of the original guest machine moving to the destination. The concept of live migration allows for uninterrupted services and enhances the optimization of resources within the IT realm.

The two phases of live migration

Phase one: Pre-copy memory migration

The first phase, known as Pre-copy Memory Migration, involves the copying of the memory of the virtual machine from the source to the destination host. During this phase, the virtual machine continues to run on the source host. The memory pages that are modified in this phase (dirty pages) are tracked for the next phase.

Phase two: Stop and copy

The second phase, referred to as Stop and Copy, handles the final transition. It begins by halting the source virtual machine, copying the remaining dirty pages to the destination host. The virtual machine then resumes operation on the destination host almost instantaneously.

Closing remarks

Live migration is a critical aspect of modern IT operations, facilitating uninterrupted services while enhancing resource optimization. By understanding its workings and phases, stakeholders can leverage this technology to drive efficiencies and ensure robust service continuity. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, live migration will undoubtedly continue to hold a significant position in the realm of virtualization technologies.

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