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What Is a Keyboard Wedge?

There are numerous input devices and other tools that play crucial roles in our everyday interactions with computers. One such tool is the keyboard wedge. This may not be a term that you hear regularly, but its function is integral to many operations.

What is a keyboard wedge?

A keyboard wedge is a hardware device or, more commonly, a software program that translates digital signals from an input device into keystrokes that a computer can understand. It is called a ‘wedge’ because it typically ‘sits’ between the computer and the input device, acting as a translator or interpreter.

How does a keyboard wedge work?

The workings of a keyboard wedge are rather straightforward. When an input device, such as a barcode scanner or credit card reader, captures data, this information is sent to the keyboard wedge. The keyboard wedge then converts these data into keystrokes that mimic the action of someone manually typing on a keyboard.

This process happens almost instantaneously, allowing for real-time data input. Importantly, this conversion does not require any changes to the existing software or applications on the computer.

Why are keyboard wedges important?

Keyboard wedges serve an important role in several industries. In retail, for example, barcode scanners connected via a keyboard wedge allow for quick and accurate data input at checkout counters. In healthcare, they facilitate the rapid entry of patient information, reducing the potential for human error.

Furthermore, keyboard wedges provide a simple and cost-effective solution for integrating new input devices with existing systems. They eliminate the need for complex programming or system upgrades, making them a preferred choice for many businesses.


In conclusion, the keyboard wedge is an unsung hero in the world of information technology. Its ability to translate digital signals into computer-readable keystrokes enables seamless integration of various input devices with computer systems. By doing so, it enhances efficiency, reduces error, and simplifies the process of data input. Whether you are a retailer or a healthcare provider, understanding and utilizing the power of the keyboard wedge can significantly improve your operations.

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