Defense Guide: Protect Against Galactic Threats

Automate your endpoint protection processes with NinjaOne 

As you add more devices and layers into your organization, endpoint hardening becomes increasingly important. Endpoints are often the weakest points in a network, perfect opportunities for bad actors to work their way into an organization, which means that more advanced security measures are often necessary. Securing endpoints is fundamental to every other security action you’ll take, so the investment you make here will have larger ROI than almost anything else.

Investing in endpoint security doesn’t have to be a heavy burden on IT either. With IT automation, you can quickly schedule tasks and automate conditional processes, reducing exposure to potential vulnerabilities and reducing the amount of manual input needed by the IT team.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • Examples of endpoint hardening tasks
  • The importance of IT automation to endpoint security
  • Five ways to use NinjaOne to automate endpoint hardening

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