Complete visibility for proactive IT management

Use real-time endpoint health and performance data to generate context-rich alerts and launch automated workflows for more proactive IT management.

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Monitor all your endpoints from anywhere

Monitor all your endpoints from a single-pane-of-glass and create custom alerts based on system health and performance.

  • Windows servers, workstations, and laptops
  • macOS servers, workstations, and laptops
  • Linux servers, workstations, and laptops
  • Hyper-V and VMWare hosts and guest VMs
  • Any SNMP-enabled devices
  • Cloud infrastructure

Drive proactive management through alerts

NinjaOne notifies you when a managed endpoint needs attention so you can address issues faster. Leverage one of our 100+ monitoring templates or create your own monitors to notify you when the health or performance of an endpoint changes. Technicians can be notified of alerts in many ways:

  • In-app alerts
  • Mobile app push notifications
  • SMS text notifications
  • Email notifications
  • Slack or Teams notifications
  • PagerDuty notifications
Screenshot showing full automated remediation

Deliver fully-automated remediation

When a monitor is triggered, NinjaOne gives you the ability to initiate automated workflows to remediate that issue. You can push notifications, generate a context-rich ticket, attempt remediation, and even reset the alert 100% automatically. Common use cases include:
  • Detecting an unauthorized application and removing it
  • Detecting a down service and restarting it
  • Creating a ticket when a server goes down
  • Alerting technicians when a user has failed authentication repeatedly
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Download NinjaOne’s Endpoint Defense Playbook

Get in-depth critical insights into endpoint performance

Our low-footprint agent runs across Windows, macOS and Linux endpoints using native platform data acquisition techniques. You can monitor a host of information, including:

  • Processors
  • Disk and volume information and usage
  • Running processes
  • Drive encryption status (BitLocker and FileVault)
  • Memory
  • Network adapters and utilization
  • Public and private IP address
  • Software and hardware inventory
  • AV Status
  • User and event logs
  • Microsoft Security Center status
  • Windows product key
  • Device serial number
  • and many more!

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Monitor your cloud infrastructure

Our cloud engine can externally monitor all aspects of your Internet-facing infrastructure. It’s perfect for application servers and websites with features including:

  • Ping latency and availability
  • Port compliance on inbound ports
  • DNS resolution with response times
  • HTTP GET and POST requests for website and external system monitoring
  • Email monitoring of sent and received emails to verify the health of email servers

Monitor and manage your network and network devices

Deploy our network management agent to monitor all printers, firewalls, routers and switches. Leveraging SNMP, NetFlow, Syslog, Traps and configuration backup, we support remotely monitoring thousands of network devices across many vendors.

Avoid alarm fatigue with maintenance mode

Selectively disable alerts and actions on devices under active maintenance – such as during a hardware upgrade or device reprovisioning – to avoid complications caused by automation, reduce alarm fatigue, and avoid erroneous tickets.


NinjaOne uses a low-footprint agent that runs across Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints as well as SNMP devices and allows you to monitor your entire IT infrastructure from a single-pane-of-glass and create custom alerts based on system performance. The NinjaOne platform monitors Windows and macOS workstations and laptops, Windows servers, cloud infrastructure, and network devices, including printers, firewalls, routers, and switches.

Effective monitoring and alerting practices empower you to preemptively detect and resolve issues prior to the arrival of support tickets or any impact on productivity. NinjaOne dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of all devices within your estate, enhancing your team’s ability to prioritize their tasks more efficiently.

Our Endpoint Monitoring and Alerting Playbook for MSPs contains a list of ideas for 25+ conditions to monitor. These recommendations are based on suggestions from our partners and from NinjaOne’s experience helping MSPs build effective, actionable monitoring.

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