MSP Bento: Week of 3/16/20 – COVID-19 + Work from Home Materials


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With COVID-19-related public safety restrictions continuing to ramp up, this week we're sharing more resources that can help you and your clients adjust.

This week, I want to:

Send my clients an email update re: COVID-19 [template]

If you haven't already, now's the time to reach out to and reassure clients, set expectations around any anticipated changes in service, and provide them with a list of things to be aware of in regards to their IT. Here's a template to work from. Source: Reddit

Category: Client relations ?

Make sure I'm prepared for all this to last a while [list]

Have you ordered the equipment you can't afford to see on backorder? Are you ready to accommodate all your clients going remote at once — and staying that way? This post lays out crucial questions to ask. Source: Stephen D Buyze

Category: Operations ?

Spin up a bunch of Terminal Servers for remote access — fast [how to]

Let's just say you were dealing with a massive sudden influx of users requiring remote access. This walkthrough would help. Other options: Consider using RD Gateway or (if you're a Ninja customer) end user sharing.

Category: Tools ?

Get my hands on training materials on staying secure while working from home [kit]

The great folks at SANS have made a bunch of their training materials available for free, including a security awareness guide and checklist.

Category: Security ?

For 2 minutes, think about anything other than coronavirus

I'm with you. Instead of yet another COVID-related piece, here's a video of a very good dog jumping into very large leaf piles. Over and over. Enjoy.


Category: Joy ?


Here's to supporting each other. Have a good week and stay hungry.

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