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G2 Winter 2024 Report: Customers Rate NinjaOne #1 in 7 Key IT Categories

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We are thrilled to announce NinjaOne’s remarkable achievement in G2’s Winter 2024 Report, where we’ve secured the number one ranking in seven critical IT categories: Endpoint Management, Patch Management, Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Network Monitoring, IT Asset Management, PC Backup, and Remote Support.

Our success across these categories, reflected in 181 reports—an uptick of 59 since last quarter—demonstrates our dedication to innovation, quality, and the trust garnered by our solutions.

A special thanks to our customers

Above all, this milestone reflects the loyalty and referrals from our customers. Their feedback and support have been crucial in refining our offerings and achieving this industry recognition. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our customers for being an essential part of our NinjaOne family.

Global and regional leadership

NinjaOne, renowned for its global leadership in RMM, Endpoint Management, and Patch Management, excels by offering comprehensive software solutions that cater to diverse market needs and regulatory environments across the UK, EMEA, Europe, and the Americas. Its patch management software streamlines the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities, boasting features like multi-platform support, automated patch deployment, and clear error reporting. Similarly, its endpoint management software enhances IT visibility and control, offering automated asset inventories, incident detection, and integrated remote access. These functionalities, combined with actionable insights from various regions, have been instrumental in shaping NinjaOne’s products to be universally adaptable yet locally relevant, reinforcing its position as a key player in the global IT management arena.

“NinjaOne took our IT department and completely transformed the way we work. Instead of utilizing seven separate tools, we were able to consolidate everything under a single pane of glass.”

Aaron Weintraub, IT Technician, Proconex

Download the full report to see why NinjaOne is ranked #1 across a field of 50+ vendors in Endpoint and Patch Management solutions.

Mid-market and enterprise excellence

Our Unified IT Management platform, acclaimed in the mid-market segment and for enterprise clients across 50 reports, excels in delivering a comprehensive, user-friendly experience. Renowned for its fast learning curve, easy-to-use single-pane interface, and highly responsive customer support, NinjaOne stands out for its ability to automate tasks efficiently, allowing technicians to manage more devices effectively. The platform integrates seamlessly with a wide array of tools, including PSA, EDR, SSO, AV, and more. Its cloud-native framework, coupled with powerful automation capabilities and continuous innovation driven by customer feedback, ensures top-tier performance in Endpoint Management, Remote Support, and IT Asset Management. With features like the Software Package Repository, integration with CIPP for Microsoft 365 management, Dynamic Script Forms for simplified automation, and revamped reporting for enhanced clarity, NinjaOne is dedicated to providing technologically advanced, relationship-focused solutions that cater to the intricate needs of both mid-market and large-scale enterprises.

“NinjaOne is a fantastic tool that has helped us simplify and implement our RMM tool. It has a great UI and does not require us to have a full-time administrator dedicated just to the management and care of our RMM.”

Alex Beauchamp, Partner, eMDTec

Read the full report to learn how NinjaOne is consistently ranked #1 across a field of 25+ vendors in RMM.

Looking forward

NinjaOne’s distinguished performance in the G2 Winter 2024 Report is a testament to our journey towards excellence in IT management for MSPs and Enterprise IT teams alike. Our platform, celebrated for its speed, user-friendliness, and advanced automation capabilities, is a reflection of our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We prioritize ease of use, comprehensive support, and seamless integration with existing tools, ensuring efficient and effective IT services. This focus, fueled by valuable customer feedback, drives our continuous evolution to meet the dynamic needs of the IT landscape.

As a result, NinjaOne consistently leads in G2 rankings, thanks to the trust and support of our users, whose contributions have been vital in our progress. We remain dedicated to advancing alongside our customers, providing the most reliable and effective IT management tools, and reaching new milestones in the software industry. To discover how NinjaOne’s top-rated solutions can transform your IT management experience, visit our website and join the community of professionals excelling with NinjaOne.

Next Steps

G2’s Winter 2024 Report is a resounding testament to NinjaOne’s unrivaled prowess in the IT management space. With the #1 RMM for 19 consecutive quarters, leading Patch Management software and top-notch customer satisfaction in Endpoint Management, NinjaOne continues to set new standards for excellence. Businesses can confidently rely on NinjaOne’s comprehensive suite of solutions to achieve seamless IT management, enhanced security and optimized operational efficiency.

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