Backup Management: Safeguard Your Data

The consequences of data loss are more detrimental to a business now more than ever. NinjaOne’s backup management software provides an easy, versatile, and flexible plan to ensure your critical business data is always protected.

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Why NinjaOne Backup Management?

Minimal Effort for Maximum Results

You need a backup solution that gives you the ability to automate data protection without spending hours of your day ensuring everything is covered. NinjaOne Backup Management does just that with an intuitive platform that makes it easy to manage your backups. Set and assign backup plans to your endpoints, and NinjaOne takes it from there. With complete control over what, how, when, and how frequently you backup data, it won’t take long for you to ensure your business is guarded from data loss and bad actors.

Set and Forget

NinjaOne backup management software was designed to be a ‘set and forget’ style solution, aimed at providing business with peace of mind. Based on your backup policy configurations, NinjaOne makes sure everything is running smoothly and will automate your endpoint backups at scale. Additionally, if anything changes, we’ll send you a notification so you can proactively address the issue.

A Single-Pane Design for a Single Source of Truth

NinjaOne backup management is built to be seamlessly controlled within NinjaOne and managed from the main dashboard. No need to worry about further adjustments either. NinjaOne also provides tools to monitor and manage all your endpoints at scale, create different backup and retention plans, and ensuring only authorized restores take place all from a single-pane view.

Key Features

Centralized backup management


Manage all of your backups for all of your managed devices in one place. NinjaOne was built to centrally manage backups across your environments.

Remote backup management


As a cloud-first solution, NinjaOne Backup is built for today’s remote and distributed workforces. Manage your backups remotely – on any network or domain – in NinjaOne.

Flexible backup plans


NinjaOne gives you complete control over what you backup, when you back it up, where you backup data to, and how long you keep it, so you can balance storage costs, data protection, and restore time objectives.

Proactive alerting


Always know the status of your endpoints and your backups with real-time monitoring and alerting. If a backup fails or you need to take action, we’ll let you know.

File-level backup


Save space and increase restore speed with targeted, file only backups for workstations.

Image backup


Restore operations quickly with full image backups optimized to minimize storage space and maximize restore speed.

Read What Our Customers Have to Say About Backup Management

“I really like being able to handle cloud backups directly from the RMM platform, saving us from having to have separate products to accomplish that task.”

“Ninja backup is a ‘set and forget’ solution. From planning to deployment, we found Ninja backup to be easier and more intuitive than our previous solution. With just a few clicks we can rely on Ninja to protect client data without spending hours per day babysitting the solution.”

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Save Time and Reduce Costs with Backup Management Designed for the Today’s Workforce

Backup Plans to Fit All Your Needs

NinjaOne Backup management delivers versatility to businesses with all types of backup and restoration needs. With both file-only and image backups available, and the ability to create and apply custom backup plans to meet your data protection, retention, and storage needs, you can easily fit NinjaOne Backup to any data protection, restore time, and retention scenario

Leverage NinajOne’s Flexible Storage Options

Every business has a different use case or need for data protection, so NinjaOne Backup management provides solutions for everyone. Providing cloud-only, local-only, and hybrid storage options enables you to backup your data regardless of its location, network connection, or domain status. Experience speed, convenience, and redundant data protection from any option so you can focus on other business critical needs.

Lightning-Fast Backup to Go with Lightning-Fast Recovery

NinjaOne’s backup capabilities don’t just stop at full backups. NinjaOne Backup management leverages incremental block-level backup that focuses on identifying individual file changes and backing up only the portion of those files that have changed. NinjaOne enables fast and easy file restore, full partition restore, and bare metal restore directly from the cloud or a local backup appliance.

NinjaOne and Backup Management: The Perfect Pair

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NinjaOne simplifies IT operations, enabling overburdened IT teams to efficiently manage their entire IT portfolio and support end users from anywhere.

NinjaOne Backup management gives those same IT teams the tools to effectively oversee and protect their data, easing the burden and stress of critical data backups, all while saving time and money.

By combining both backup management and everything else NinjaOne has to offer – such as endpoint monitoring, documentation, remote management and more – NinjaOne provides you with a one-stop shop for all your IT solution needs.


Backup management is the process of ensuring your business data is protected, secure, and available to restore at any time. This process involves consistently monitoring and reviewing backups, testing backups to ensure they work, and removing backups that are no longer needed.

Backup management allows IT teams to execute backups effectively and confirm that the data is restorable. Efficient backup management is ultimately what will guarantee that you have secure and complete copies of your data.

Backup management is important because it provides a systematic method for managing backups of your organization’s data. It enables you to schedule consistent backups, verify whether backups are executed correctly and on time, and track backed-up data.

It also provides a location to access backups whenever certain data copies are needed. Backup management is critical for effective data backup and restoration

NinjaOne’s backup management software is ideal for IT teams who want a “set and forget” backup solution. The software provides tools and features to set up backup policy configurations, automate your data backups, monitor your endpoints at scale, and more, all from within Ninja’s single pane of glass dashboard.

If any changes are detected, Ninja sends proactive alerts so you can quickly identify and resolve any issues. Experience peace of mind knowing your data is backed up and protected with NinjaOne’s backup management software.

The three main types of backup methods are full, incremental, and differential. A full backup creates a copy of the entire dataset and is needed as a foundation to complete incremental and differential backups.

Incremental backup will only back up any data that has been modified since the last backup instance, resulting in smaller backups and more optimized storage. Differential backup makes a copy of any data that has changed since the last full backup.

Data loss or damage can occur in multiple different ways, whether through a natural disaster, device malfunctions, human error, or cyber threats. The unfortunate reality of data loss is that the majority of organizations cannot survive and recover.

Data backup and recovery involve backing up the original organizational data and restoring any data that is lost or corrupted. It creates a safety net for an organization because, not only does it just recover and restore data, the secured data enables a company to continue critical business operations and survive the data disaster.

Ninja’s backup management software gives you all the necessary tools to execute efficient backup management. It offers centralized backup management, flexible backup plans, remote backup management, proactive alerting, and image and file-level backup. 

Ninja also gives you the ability to automate your backups, providing a “set and forget” backup management solution. Obtain peace of mind by implementing Ninja Data Protection in your IT environment to protect your organizational data. 

NinjaOne’s backup management software works in tandem with the rest of Ninja’s software and is controlled through a single pane of glass dashboard. You can set and assign backup plans to your endpoints and decide what, when, and how frequently you back up data.

When you’ve determined these components, you can turn them over to Ninja and automate your data backups. Automation within NinjaOne enables seamless backup management.

NinjaOne’s backup management software is priced per endpoint, with storage priced separately. Personalized pricing is provided based on customer needs. Contact NinjaOne to receive a custom quote today. You can also sign up for a free trial or watch a demo to see NinjaOne backup in action.

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