What's New - 5.3.2 Release Overview

Join us for a special 5.3.2 release edition of our Partner Office Hours Series

(Webinar On-Demand)

About the Webinar

The latest release of NinjaOne is dropping globally and is filled with tons of new features that are ready to use! Join AJ Singh, Ninja's VP of Product Management, and, Michael Shelton, Ninja's SVP of Strategy for a deep look at all the newest additions.

5.3.2 Preview:

  • Script Queuing
  • Script Template Library
  • Script Deployment Pre/Post Patch
  • Custom Reboot Notifications
  • Wake Devices for Patching
  • Image Cloud Mounting and File Download
  • MacOs File & Folder Backup (open beta)
  • Asset Owner
  • Domain Management
  • Administration Panel Redesign
  • App Exchange
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