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We gathered together some of the IT community’s best operators and boldest thinkers to share how they’re building better IT experiences for everyone. Agenda and jump-links to each session can be found on YouTube in the description section.

Session 1

The best IT teams make going above and beyond standard operating procedure — from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between. But how do you operationalize that effort and provide reputation-making experiences efficiently and at scale? In this session, we break down how innovative IT teams are operationalizing CX to measure and drive better IT adoption, satisfaction, and success.

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Session 2: How Exceptional Workplaces are Beating the Talent Shortage

  • Hiring and keeping top talent in this industry is one of the most pressing challenges IT leaders face today. In this session, we’ll discuss bold new approaches from leaders who are putting talent first, breakdown what IT professionals are truly seeking out most right now, and share examples of creative benefits and career advancement options that are outside the box.

Session 3: Creating a Culture of Automation and Continuous Improvement 

  • Knowing you should embrace automating your workflows is one thing. Having the right working conditions, people, and processes in place to actually do that well is another. In this session, we’ll hear from automation experts who will walk us through real-world examples of tasks they’ve streamlined — and the thought processes and frameworks they’ve used to identify and tackle those opportunities.

Session 4: Changing Leadership Perspectives on IT: From Cost-Center to Strategic Value-Driver 

  • For years now, IT leaders have been encouraged to seek out more strategic seats at the table. What are the biggest challenges to actually doing that, and what are successful leaders doing differently to change the same old conversations? In this session, we’ll hear effective ways for getting better executive buy-in by aligning IT goals more closely with business objectives.

Session 5: New Product Announcements from NinjaOne

  • The team has been hard at work on new features and integrations we can’t wait to share. Highlights include patch management improvements, Bitdefender GravityZone, SentinelOne, and MDM.
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