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IT Horror Fest 2022

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About the Webinar

It’s baaaa-aaaaack.

The ritual is set. The PowerShell rites have been cast. Once again, we’re calling together a coven of your favorite IT experts to share stories of cursed server closets, loathsome legacy systems shrouded in mystery (and misery), and support tickets from HELL.

This year, in addition to real-life horror stories and IT survival tips we’re subjecting our panel to a monstrously spicy challenge that may just make this year’s Fest our last.

Enjoy the complete replay or skip ahead to one of the segments below!

  • 0:00 Starting soon
  • 33:42 Terrifying Tabletop Scenarios
  • 1:01:32 Helpdesk Hellfire (One Chip Challenge)
G2 Endpoint Management Leader Spring 24