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Many organizations continue to invest heavily in advanced cybersecurity solutions in efforts to better defend against attacks that are not only increasing in frequency but also becoming more complex and difficult to detect. However, the importance of good cyber hygiene, starting with the endpoint, is often overlooked. This is alarming considering Verizon’s 2024 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 80% of breaches involved basic hygiene failures.

NinjaOne consolidates workflows, reduces silos, and provides a single source of truth for all your security and endpoint data. Join NinjaOne Field CTO, Jeff Hunter, as he demonstrates how the power and simplicity of the NinjaOne platform can enable you to achieve these benefits:

  • Detect and respond to threats faster with real-time visibility and control over your entire IT environment.
  • Harden endpoints by removing unnecessary software and minimizing your attack surface through automated device configuration at scale.
  • Make sure systems are always secure and up to date with automated patch management.
  • Recover quickly in the event of an attack with secure, cloud-based backup.

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